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December 18, 2009

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This is the sixth installment of the Complete 2009 CrossFit Games videos. Here is complete coverage of the Max Snatch Event.

The first event of Day 2 was simple: Find a one-rep-max snatch. The rules of the event were unique. Eight athletes lifted at a time. They had 10 minutes in the arena to establish the heaviest successful lift possible. They could perform as many reps as they wanted within the allotted time. The lift was considered successful as long as no contact was made with the body above the hips (meaning it couldn’t be a clean and jerk). Power snatches, muscle snatches, press-outs and knees contacting the ground were all permitted.

Furthermore, the athletes had no official knowledge of the other lifters in their heat, and the ground was slightly slanted. Not to mention the fact that the competitors had been through five events the previous day and had two more following this one. This was a snatch competition unlike anything the world had ever seen.

There are interviews with: Peter Egyed, Spencer Hendel, Moe Kelsey, James FitzGerald, Steve Willis, Tommy Hackenbruck, Mikko Salo, Mike Burgener, Jeremy Thiel,

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7 Comments on “Part 6: Max Snatch - Men’s 09 Games”


wrote …

Freakin awsome i just hit a snatch PR today, by 10lbs because of a games video, 130lbs!!!So far this week I have hit 5 PR's, thanks to these videoes lol!



wrote …

Hey Jake thats a huge feat... Congrats I hope that you keep seeing progress. As for the videos, HQ you are all way awesome, 1 for posting these out of your personal time and 2, doing it for free. Keep up the amazing work. Nothing ever goes unnoticed. Thanks to all crossfitters for keeping suck a great thing alive.


wrote …

Enough cannot be said for the quality of these vids, the way you're releasing them (not just because they're free, but because its just a really cool idea, you have a ton of us planning our day around when the next vid comes out and then anticipating the next one, genius)the time and effort that is obviously put into these, the human interest pieces inbetween event footage, so well thought out and made.

I know this has been said a ton, but i don't think it can be said enough, this is awesome, thanks.


wrote …

Thanks coach for posting the vids. They are awe inspiring. Just curious though if there will be a women Games vid series?


wrote …

Todd, its been mentioned a number of times that the womens events will be released after the mens (and maybe after the affiliate cup videos as well)



wrote …

These videos are brilliant. Kudos to everyone involved in filming, sound, production, editing etc. Really enjoying them. This might get to do the rounds with people interested in sport and result in more interest in CF.



wrote …

Oh. My. God.

How painful is this to watch 4 years later?! I love how quickly thus sport is evolving. Just think what our athletes will be doing in 10 years.

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