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Body Weight Perception by Dr. Nicholas Romanov - CrossFit Journal

Body Weight Perception

By Dr. Nicholas Romanov

In Running, Videos

December 28, 2009

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“We are looking for body weight as a horizontal propulsive force,” says Dr. Nicholas Romanov, inventor of the Pose Method.

According to Dr. Romanov, one of the keys to his innovative running technique is applying your mass to the point of support to create efficient horizontal movement. In this special CrossFit presentation, the two-time Olympic coach leads athletes through several drills designed to help them understand how to shift their body weight from their heels to the balls of the feet.

In Dr. Romanov’s system, centering your weight on the balls of the feet is important for efficient and nimble movement, whether you’re running, boxing or dancing. If you can learn to apply your body weight properly, your mass will become less of a burden and will help your muscles do some of the work.

Video by CrossFit Films by Jordan Gravatt.

7min 36 sec

Additional reading: Where Is Your Body Weight? The Key to Efficient Movement by Michael Collins, published Jan. 1, 2008.

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7 Comments on “Body Weight Perception”


wrote …

Interesting peak into Romanov's mind. I just did the CF Endurance Cert. and have found it difficult enough to integrate a new way of running into my body. Not sure how easy it would be for me to follow this sort of "esoteric" instruction. Probably would get amazing results though, if willing to completely dive into the method. Would love to see Mackenzie or Borg teamed up with Romanov at a Cert. at some point.


wrote …

ya i'm confused


wrote …

lmao 'do not straighten your knees.....otherwise you will be punished.'
great info, this guy is good.


wrote …

I'm sorry this isn't a relevant discussion question, but does anybody know what type of shoes he is wearing in the video? They look extremely comfortable.


wrote …

Disregard my previous comment. I figured out what they are, Mizuno Wave Universe 2's if anyone else is curious.


wrote …

The Romanov lectures are great companion pieces to the MacKenzie videos. I like Romanov's 'big picture' approach to his coaching (while Mackenzie focuses on specific mechanics).
My POSE became easy and natural the day I saw the hill running video. Thank you to the entire team of experts!


wrote …

Unweighing from the shoulder, not from the pushing-off from legs.

There are other elements such as hamstring pull, high cadence, landing underneath the body, GCM falling etc. But unweighing is basically the whole deal of efficient running.

Another useful piece of information, looking forward to more..

Thank you very much.

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