Classroom Techniques

By Nichole DeHart

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December 16, 2009

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It can be difficult to manage a large group of children, so Nichole DeHart of CrossFit Kids offers a host of tips to trainers working with young athletes.

“If there’s one kid in there who can sense you being hesitant, he will lead the rest of your class and they will all feed off of your lack of confidence,” she says. “So you have to be able to take control and take command of that class.”

It’s also important to be positive and energetic, and it helps to communicate with kids on their level. Sarcasm is not a good idea, and yelling usually doesn’t do much for kids. It’s important to be a solid role model who works hard to make every activity safe and fun.

Nichole also suggests some strategies for dealing with well-meaning but overzealous parents who jump into the session with coaching tips for their son or daughter. As passionate as these parents may be, they can derail your training,

“We want the enthusiasm from parents,” Nichole says. “We absolutely want that enthusiasm. But during your class time, it’s your class time.”

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wrote …

Hmm. Typically we set up mandatory rules that there is no parent participation. Clap from the stands, but don't come on the floor...ever.

I will admit I'm grueling tough on team boys sometimes, I probably never as am hard on when I coach the girls team than when I'm coaching the guys. Especially little guys who are generally looking for whatever opportunity and excuse to screw off. Boys are little monsters that are fun but are still little monsters most of the time.

However, I would view CFKids as a rec program aka I don't give out kids front leaning rest position for 1,3,or 5m or increments of burpees in 10,20,40,80,160 or 10 or 100 for infractions such as being lazy in routines or 100 for say something like hitting another kid or really screwing off.

Generally, in co-ed classes such as camps or school visits or birthday parties/open gyms/sleepovers, I agree with the video.

1st infraction is a warning, 2nd is sitting out for 3-5m and watching them and the third is an early ticket home.

It is taught in CE that children do not understand sarcasm but over time can learn it.

However, when a child is about to do something unsafe and dumb, my voice will bounce off the walls of the gym. It stops them in their tracks but it isn't meant as something hurtful but more like an alarm.

Again, just saying, but you may have to watch out that you are tougher on your own gender than the others. I think this is because my coaches in adolescence were typically very tough on me in non co-ed sports.


wrote …

Can't believe there aren't more comments on all the CFJ articles on CF Kids. These are some of the best videos in the CFJ! Keep 'em coming!


wrote …

Great Video. I want to open a crossfit affliate just to do the kid's prgram. I agree with everything the Martin's are doing. Of course I might be a little bias because of the last name. Great stuff.

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