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Coach B Corrects Stacey Kroon by Mike Burgener - CrossFit Journal

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December 21, 2009

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A clean and jerk takes about 5 seconds to perform—but you can analyze those five seconds for hours.

Working with Stacey Kroon, who finished 10th at the 2009 CrossFit Games, Coach Mike Burgener uses a computer to break down footage of three clean and jerks.

Kroon is working with light weight, but Coach B is quick to correct form errors that will be amplified when the plates start adding up. Kroon’s main problem is a bit of forward inclination in her dip, which pushes the bar away from her as she drives it overhead during the jerk. As a result, her bones aren’t “stacked” and leave her in a position in which she can’t support heavy weight.

By the third lift, Kroon hasn’t managed to correct the fault—but she knows where the right position is and moves into it before standing up with the weight. The key now is to land in that position during a PR attempt.

Video by Again Faster.

15min 37sec

Additional reading: Mastering the Jerk by Bill Starr, published June 15, 2009.

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9 Comments on “Coach B Corrects Stacey Kroon”


Tracy Coughlin wrote …

Coach B has a great way about him! He compliments and corrects at the same time. When will he move east???


wrote …

Big fan of these Coach B videos. Keep 'em coming, please.


wrote …

I can't wait for the opportunity to sit in one of Coach B's certs. He is amazing.


wrote …

Great coaching and lifting! Though I wonder why Coach B did not address her front foot? It was turned in at least 15 degrees.


wrote …

In the landing position for the jerk the feet are supposed to be toed in slightly. Of much greater concern is the tendancy for her left knee to dive in, which was mentioned.


wrote …

The next best thing to having Coach B is getting to watch something like this. Invaluable.

Great job to both.


wrote …

Valuable lessons, thank you!
I was wondering about the stalling of the bar on the way up, at the moment when she re-bends her knees. In slow motion it looks like it's completely stopped for a frame or 2, it feels like 2 separate lifts- deadlift and hang clean. I'm interested why it happens and how to address it. Thank you!


wrote …

great video! I'm amazed at how he notices the little things like the bar going forward on the dip portion. It is such a subtle move but he catches it. I was also wondering about the sqquat clean, it looked like she caught it high and dropped into a front squat. Is this acceptable? (it kind of reminded me of a gillian mournsey video w/ coach b at the games 2 years ago) I would love to get to one of his certs but until then keep the excellent videos coming. Thanks Coach B.


wrote …

This one video was worth the year's subscription. Coach B is off-the-charts amazing! Thanks for these great instructional videos. Please keep them coming.

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