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Creating the Family by Zach Even-Esh - CrossFit Journal

Creating the Family

By Zach Even-Esh

In Affiliation, Coaching, Videos

December 12, 2009

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Zach Even-Esh of Underground Strength Coach/CrossFit Underground believes his gym is a lot like Fight Club.

“This is basically like an underground tribe,” he says. “You’ve got kids that walk around the school hallways with the Underground shirts. It’s very much like a CrossFitter … . We know we’re from the same family.”

Even-Esh prides himself on training his athletes and getting to know them as people. Doing so creates a family atmosphere that keeps clients coming back but also helps them unlock elite performance.

“If you want to be successful you need to take care of your family,” Even-Esh says. “You need to know each story from each kid.”

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Video by Again Faster.

Additional reading: Additional reading: Beyond the Garage Gym: Starting or Expanding a CrossFit Affiliate by Pat Sherwood, published Nov. 1, 2007.

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16 Comments on “Creating the Family”


wrote …

That kind of care is the thing I like to see at a Gym. Most Gyms I've gone to, you have to be there six months, five days a week before the regulars will talk to you. So out of 100s of people, you might have a dozen or so that will talk to you. Most of the time you count on one hand who will ask you how things are going and actually care. I can only remember about one staff member ever that didn't just see you as a number.

Now, if I had the money. I would be in a CrossFit gym. Just to have the support and be interdependent on others.

I can see why Zach that your members are so loyal to you.


wrote …

This is exactly why I want to open my own CrossFit Gym! I want to have a great relationship with all of my customers, and not look at them as customers but as "Family".

Thanks for other great video!


wrote …

Really nice to see this topic covered. Fantastic Zach! What a great attitude!

I'm a member of CrossFit Troy. There is a definite focus on developing the community within CrossFit Troy and associated affiliates CrossFit Creek and CrossFit Heights. The trainers genuinely care about members, and go out of their way to help you reach your goals.

From the perspective of being a member of an affiliate, I can say that Zach has it nailed because that feeling of family and community is exactly what I get at CrossFit Troy. That's what truly makes them stand out for me.


wrote …

Good video! Hope to see more of Underground


wrote …

Truly inspirational. Love the series.



wrote …

Having been to the Underground, I think that family is one of the many reasons why Zach does well. When he trains it is like the one thing that he wants most in this world is for you to do well.


wrote …

great video of a coach that cares about his clients! that is crossfit! i have said many times at my certs that the reason i love crossfit so much is the people involved with crossfit. recently i sent my niece to visit a xfit gym, this young lady had let her body go and was on a downward spiral....she visits a xfit gym, spends a week going thru crossfit beginners hell, but was hooked!!!! why? the trainer? sure! the members? you bet!!! the atmosphere? absolutely!! zach does a great job bringing out the caring, professional coaching of his underground gym! nicely done!!! WE ARE: CROSSFIT!!


wrote …

Agree with the above posts. How cool to see such a young crowd of CF-ers being primed not only to pass this program down to future generations, but also to deliver a healthy sentiment that one can be part of something bigger than themselves regardless of capability.

My addiction began at Practice Crossfit. For years before then, I'd been working out at rec centers. 5-6 days/week I'd visit the gym, pick a problem at work that needed resolution and put in my earphones - music off - to think w/o being interupted. That all changed in Sept of last year. Suddenly, I COULDNT think about something else during a wko, felt a responsibility for getting involved in the wkos and the lives of others and had a new sense of accountability about my workouts, my diet and the bs I tried to feed my trainers around both of them. Those character traits are now part of who I am, even when I'm working out in my basement solo today.

I'm not a fan of Fight Club but I get the communal feeling Zach references. Was on a flight overseas recently and a guy stopped me because of my CF t-shirt. We chatted like we knew each other for 20 minutes...and caught the attention of others in the cabin who were overhearing our convo. The cooler part was that had we been asked, neither one of us would have boasted about our own "gym." It would have been about jumping into CF somewhere, anywhere asap.

Had the privlege to meet Coach Glassman over Thanksgiving. One of his call-outs was that to be a good CF coach "you've gotta love training, love people and love getting results for others." No doubt from your interview, Zach, that you meet those qualifications. Kudos and good luck.


wrote …

love me some zach would be an honor to train at your gym sir.

kris kepler


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

WOW :)

Thnx to everyone for posting the great comments on all these videos.

It's Monday morning and time to get a hellish early workout in!!!

I'm psyched to see if any other videos come through from Again Faster!




Frank DiMeo wrote …

Been following you online for several years & know you mean what you say.
Your passionate commitment to training and om those you train is powerful!


wrote …

You're my idol. Keep up the good work. Someday I hope to be able to follow in your footsteps to some degree.


wrote …

Very cool. That got my fire reignited


Keith Wittenstein wrote …

You Da Man, Zach! Great job!


wrote …

This is the thing I have been missing working in the fitness industry. I want my own affiliate, so I can get that gym that IS family. Not one that says they are family oriented, but are driven by the dollar and status symbols.

Zach, you are the man. Your insight is awesome.


wrote …

I've read a lot of books in my life, great books too; in them I've learend many things, such as what is greatness. In your videos I find a greatness that only lives in the hearts of giants. The world is a better place because of you, so thank you.

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