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December 14, 2009

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This is the second installment of the Complete 2009 CrossFit Games videos. Here is complete coverage of the Men’s Deadlift Event.

This event was the first of its kind: athletes were tasked with lifting one heavy deadlift every 30 seconds until they failed. Athletes started at 315 lb., and if they continued successfully, traveled through 20 bars, each 10 lb. heavier than the last, until the final 505-lb. bar was reached. And, this was about an hour after that brutal 7-kilometer run.

“If it takes you 30 minutes to do the run, you have an hour break, because at 10 o’clock on the dot, we’re starting the deadlift,” Dave Castro said to the competitors before the run. “If it takes you an hour to do the run, you have 30 minutes to rest. If it takes you 75 minutes, you’re out of the competition.”

We now know how strong these athletes actually were, but at the time, there was widely varying speculation. Very few spectators thought the heaviest bars would leave the ground after such a difficult run, and no one expected athletes to be setting PRs. But in spite of such outrageous conditions, 16 men lifted all 20 bars, and many more ended up with PRs in the process.

This video also has interviews with: Jason Khalipa, Lance Mosley, Rob Orlando, Josh Wagner, Jason Neago, Matt Chan, Steve Smith, Steve Willis, Chris Spealler, James FitzGerald.

34min 28sec
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Please note: These files are very large. They are long and even the SD versions are higher quality than the normal Journal videos. They are not meant to be watched streamed. Please download the entire file to your hard drive before watching it (right-click and choose Save Link As...).



37 Comments on “Part 2: Deadlift - Men’s 09 Games”


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thanks for the footage, inspiring!

In Strength


wrote …

New PR tomorrow morning.


wrote …

Yep, a new PR is on it's way after work tomorrow!

Thanks for the great footage!!


wrote …

This is pretty damn 6'4'' 190ish and I wanna get to the games in the next 2yrs or so. This has to be the best footage of the games I've seen!


wrote …

OPT is my Hero!!


Darren Coughlan wrote …

Great footage HQ!

Thanks for making it available to everyone. Great to have interviews and behind the scenes in there aswell. I'm sure I'm not the only one that cant watch [just] WOD videos anymore ;)

What compression software and video codec are you using? Keeping file sizes down, and costs, would help alot of affiliates feature their athletes on their on pages.

Great to see Steve getting some airplay, monster athlete and a top bloke aswell!

HQ should use the interview with OPT in some capacity, what he says/describes carries significant weight in favour of CrossFit vs Globo.


Michael Garmon wrote …

Great vid! Love the interviews added into the video. This video just goes to show how much everyone (myself included) underestimated these guys' strength after that brutal run! I have to say, if there were 10 more bars, another 100 lbs of weight on the table, you definitely wouldn't have had 16 guys lift all. Lance Mosley lifted the 505 as easy as he did the 315. Notes for next year.


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Loving these videos...glad I have HDMI out to plug into the TV.

Jeremy Thiel...haha his comments are hilarious


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Amazing. Thank you for posting these!!!


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this video makes me like and respect jason khalipa even more. the guy is super humble but even ahead of that, it shows just how remarkable his achievement was to come back from that disastrous run and get his body back to do something which I rank as being almost superhuman - 20 ascending DLs in 10 minutes to 505

what a champion


wrote …

Let's go lift some heavy s#$t!!!

Where was DJ Wickham's 505 PR?? I get goose bumps every time I see that!


replied to comment from Geoff Aucoin

Sorry Geoff,

I really did try and get everybody, while still keeping the events interesting and engaging - the final Men's 2009 Games Project is 4:57 in length (editing & technical nightmare) and still some people fell through the cracks. I apologize.



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I love Josh Everett's mental prep before each lift. Great hook grip.

Really motivational video. Can't wait for the rest.

My only wish is for 'bleeped' versions of the vids; I'm going to have a go at making them myself as I have some younger kids that I would like to see them so they can be inspired too.


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Extremt bra video som inspirerar till nya prestationer!

"Extremely good video that inspires to new performances"

Greetings from Sweden!


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Sevan, I'm still trying to forgive you for spelling my name wrong in the credits for 'Every Second Counts'!


replied to comment from Geoff Aucoin

I see, so now I have 2 strikes. We can work through this Healing is healthy. :)


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Wow...frakin' Josh Everett is my hero!


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This is awesome footage! thanks so much!

Mikko - what the heck! wow!


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These videos get me hyped up! I can't wait to get to the gym today! Great job, guys!

I do have one question. I understand how the events are scored...1 point for 1st place, 2 points for 2nd and so on. My guess is that you get one point for completing the entire deadlift ladder, based on Everett screaming "1 point" at the 505 bar. Do you get a point for every bar not lifted? If this is the case, than how did Mikko end up with 19 points on the results list after the deadlift event when he came in 2nd on the run and ideally should have gotten 2 points on his deadlift? Do I have the scoring wrong or did I miss something? Help me out. Thanks.


replied to comment from Sean Dodrill

I figured that everyone that lifted the 505 bar all tied for 1st. So the next bar would start with 16 points since there were 16 people that lifted all 20. Am I close?


wrote …

Yes. All 16 who lifted all the bars tied for first and got 1 point. The men who lifted all but one bar tied for 2nd, but essentially came 17th (since 16 people did better), they received 17 points. And so on....

It's easy to understand if you look at the score sheet/points table, which was (and probably still is) available on the 2009 games site.


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Great job shooting and editing this Sevan. You had to put some huge amount of time into this project. It flows so well that it is easy to forget how hard it is to make it look so easy.
Good job!


replied to comment from Joe Lengel

Joe - you're awesome, thanks for the props!


The iPod files are creating with a x264 based toolchain. Normally I make them a max width of 480 and a bitrate of 800kps including audio to keep the file size down. For the Games files I made them 640 wide (iPod max) and a 1500kpbs bitrate. I made them that width for presentation via the appropriate video cable.

The 720p came out of Final Cut Pro. Tony makes the WMV, presumably using Flip4Mac. I haven't found an open source tool capable of encoding WMV9.


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These videos look to beat anything that'll be offered up later.

@Matt: The "one point" meant he got first place. Unfortunately, everyone that got that final lift got first place. What's cool about the video is it shows that no one was expecting more than 3 people getting to the last lift, much less 18 people. It's easy to Monday Morning QB problems after the fact, but for now it's lessons learned for next year.

Not to start up a scoring debate, but for next year if they use the same type of scoring system (which I really like by the way) some changes should be

Ties - Average score between the tied positions (ex: 5 through 8 place being tied averages 6.5 points each of the four contestants). Treats fairly those that scored better, but not overly rewards the ties or punishes those that scored below the ties.

Position scores scaled to be 1 through 100 - as contestants are removed, that still makes coming in last still be a severe penalty whether there are 100 atheletes or 15 athletes competing. This assumes that CFHq wants all events to have equal bearing on the outcome.

(Variant) Position scores recalculated to not include atheletes removed from later heats - On this idea, the final sixteen would be compared as if only they did all 8 events so last place in the first to fifth competition would be 16 points. The problem here is there's merit is weighing how one did amoung a larger number of atheletes.


Cheers Ron,
What software you using? im running FCE4, x264 available as a plug-in or must be other software?

Great quality, really impressed!


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It takes forever to download from where I'm at, but it's been worth the effort. I assume all 16 videos will average 30 to 40 minutes, which is almost like a TV series. Better in content and quality so far than most of the reality and documentary shows I've seen recently.

What's cool is even though we know the outcome, these first few have been intense to watch.


I like how you're thinking on the scoring Charles but unfortunately, I don't think either of your variants would result in a more fair scoring system. The 1 -100 point system that stays the same would unfairly skew point distribution as would retroactively changing the top finishers scores in a top 16 ranking. Keep thinking though, I've been busting my noggin on this as well and my final conclusion is that due to the extreme degree of variance between events, accurate and fair scoring is really hard to do! On account of the fact that I am a pretty nerdy guy, I have actually been working on a scoring algorithm that takes into account the absolute value of a score, a finisher's score ranking relative to the field and a finisher's absolute score relative to the field as well as couple neat statistical tricks. It is totally impractical and would almost certainly be confusing and anger the competitors like the BCS does to college football teams but in theory, it could be a very accurate way to determine who is most fit.

This is all moot anyways, they've said many a time that they won't score the same way twice, you know, unknown and unknowable.

Good job on the videos BTW!


wrote …

You realize that by posting these you are KILLING any chance I have at being productive at work or paying any attention to my family for the next several days. This is worse than March Madness. Really awesome videos, just saw the first one of the running event and I am hooked.


Richard Meurk wrote …

I just love Mikko's humble attitude. Laughs and talks about how he is just there for having fun. Performing like that on the run and the deadlift is demonic.


Look up standard score in Wikipedia for a method that would allow you to correlate scores across different time and modal domains and determine who performed best.


No worries there buddy, standard deviation is definitely part of the equation! Just checked the wiki page, they do a pretty good job for the most part, I think you could probably teach most classes with wikipedia instead of text books these days.


wrote …

Imagine if Mikko had finished the 505...

He would have crushed the competition. He lost what 16 points by not finishing 505... Crazy. That guy is AMAZING.


wrote …

I think Josh Everett is awesome, but I watched has video on his diet previous to these Games and I thought it wasn't going to get the job done. Believe me at 49 years old (heck at 24 years old) I am/would never outperform Josh but i think he needs to rethink his diet as part of his improvement plan. Maybe add a beer or two, just kidding, go get 'em next year Josh.

Mikko, you are an inspiration to everyone!


wrote …

SD WMV link appears to be broken.


wrote …

Man does watching this make you want to lift! Such an adrenaline pump. There is high testosterone flying everywhere in this vid! Good stuff


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