CrossFit Radio, Episode 98

By Justin Judkins

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December 16, 2009

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HQ trainer/general badass Pat Sherwood and CrossFit Director of Training Dave Castro joined Justin on Episode 98 of CrossFit Radio, webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Dec. 16, 2009.

Justin began the show by reading an e-mail he received this past week from someone who’s doing a few fun WODs to commemorate the end of his 20s.

4:09 Pat Sherwood came on the show and discussed how to best prepare for the rigors of competing in the 2010 Sectionals, Regionals and CrossFit Games. In 2009, Pat finished sixth in the Mid-Atlantic Regional and 58th in Aromas, so he shared some training advice that might help an athlete peak at the right time. Pat gave several tips on how to improve weaknesses, and he also talked about what some firebreathers have done to prepare for the Games. Pat reflected on his experience at The Ranch last summer and detailed how he plans to approach the competition schedule this year. As one of the trainers who regularly works Level 2 Certs, Pat discussed what qualities good trainers possess and exhibit, and he gave advice on how one can improve.

25:10 CrossFit HQ Director of Training Dave Castro came on the show to give valuable information on this year’s Sectionals, Regionals and CrossFit Games, also talking about the planning and behind-the-scenes work that started the week after the 2009 Games ended. Dave talked about the qualification process and who is already qualified, and he explained who could participate in the online qualifiers. As part of CrossFit’s increasing popularity, one of the Sectionals will be held at the Arnold Classic in Ohio with the help of Rogue Fitness. Finally, Dave commented on the programming on the 2009 Games and commented on some of the great performances that occurred at The Ranch last July.

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5 Comments on “CrossFit Radio, Episode 98”


Bryce Greenstein wrote …

Always great when Pat is on the show. But the Black Box Summit deal, are you serious? 'No comment' would have been more appropriate. He just sounded like he was playing dumb.


wrote …

Pat Sherwood is a freakin bad ass lol i love the "HQ trainer/general badass" lol he is so damn funny, and he better never stop making zone chronicles or else...



wrote …

JJ, my website is

I'll email you when the video is up in a couple of weeks.



wrote …

ya don't let Dave get away with saying the dinner is the best part of a whole weekend. Crossfit was built on being open and crossfit radio (i thought and still do) is a means to be even more open with the community. Hiding what happen weakens the community. We can learn from our mistakes only if we know what the mistakes are. I would love an episode where you talk about what happened with Mark Rippetoe and with Robb Wolf (if you could get them on so we can hear both sides) on another note what happened to neil and neil.


wrote …

Dave Castro should be a politician. His question dodging skills are amazing; according to him there was a sh*t storm over how great the workouts and dinner were.

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