CrossFit Radio, Episode 99

By Justin Judkins

In Affiliation, LEO/Mil, Radio

December 23, 2009

Audio Article

Affiliate owners Alena Yancey and Robert Ord joined Justin on Episode 98 of CrossFit Radio, webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Dec. 23, 2009.

8:01 Alena Yancey owns Battle Born CrossFit in Reno, and her affiliate recently hosted a CrossFit Endurance Certification. Alena talked about the cert from the perspective of an attending athlete and explained how her running was transformed over the course of the weekend. Alena detailed how her affiliate was able to host the cert and how Battle Born CrossFit benefited from the event. Yancey closed by sharing her plans for the future, which include trying to qualify for the 2010 CrossFit Games.

23:26 Robert Ord is the owner of Brass Ring Fitness/Brass Ring CrossFit. His specialty is preparing people who want to be special-operations warriors. Rob talked about training the “warrior athlete,” as well as the Full Mission Profile system he uses to set up a WOD. Rob touched on the evolution of Brass Ring Fitness over the years and discussed the methods behind his programming. Rob has been working on an article for the CrossFit Journal, and he gave listeners a sneak peak into the upcoming piece.

51min 43sec

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Podcast won't download for this episode?


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Same issue here, says it doesn't exist.


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Same Issue...

Error Message:

The URL " 99.mp3" could not be found on the server. 


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If you remove the space and try using, it doesn't work either. I'm guesing the web person must be gone for the holidays.


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Sorry folks. There was an error with the file name. It's fixed now.


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Thanks Tony, I can download it to my Zune before my trip. Something to listen to on the plane.

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