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December 24, 2009

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This is the 12th installment of the Complete 2009 CrossFit Games videos, and the first part of the women’s competition. Here is complete coverage of the women’s run event.

The video starts with an introduction to the competition, as well as several competitors’ thoughts about it. Dave Castro briefs the runners, Greg Glassman sets the stage, and they were off on a brutal 7-kilometer, varied-terrain run. The men and women ran together, using the first kilometer on the road to spread out before tackling the hills.

The stakes were high. The last athletes to finish the run had to go first on the max-deadlift event, and the 10 athletes at the bottom of the pile after two events were eliminated from the competition.

Sarah Dunsmore had the top run time by well over a minute at 41:44, while Lauren Erwin (43:03) and Carey Kepler (43:41) rounded out the top three.

There are interviews with: Greg Glassman, Nicole Carroll, Gillian Mounsey, Nadine Burns, Carey Kepler, Tamryn Venter, Nikki Hall, Andrea Bell, Lisa Ray, Jocelyn Forrest, Caity Matter, Laura DeMarco, Lauren Pryor, Kim Malz, Tia McDougal, Sarah Dunsmore, Nicole Gordon.

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9 Comments on “Part 12: Intro and 7K Run - Women’s 09 Games”


Michael Garmon wrote …

Looking forward to this series. Overall this has been a valued addition to the crossfit journal!


wrote …

lol for some reason i find carey kepler hilarious...her and jeremey need more coverage


replied to comment from Duey Lai

Definitely lol and Jocylin Forest is hilarious too.



replied to comment from Duey Lai

Ditto. I love them both. They crack me up. When Jeremy was talking about the row/sledge event and Castro telling him not to hit it diagonal on purpose I lost it. "Is this a good strategy? Cause I would rather it be straight up and down!"


wrote …

I always laugh when I see that guy run around the blue pad that starts your run time so he has to turn around and go back through. Not big on instructions, I guess?


wrote …

So glad to see the women's videos start up!!! THANK YOU!! The whole series of videos has been incredible and something to look forward to every day. The release of the women's stuff was highly anticipated!!

This first video did not disappoint. Finally great to see some footage of Sarah Dunsmore. She was absolutely incredible! Kim Malz is just amazing. Tamara Holmes, AWESOME and so great to FINALLY see footage of her. All of these women, just incredible and totally inspiring. I liked hearing from all of the women we don't hear from very often. This was an excellent video!!



wrote …

CF chicks rock.


wrote …

I am shocked to hear so many people saying they havent run further then 5k before. The mainsite has had a number of 10k and even a 15k day one time.


wrote …

Tony, Dave and Coach mentioned that there are those who deny that the CrossFit Games are the best test of fitness on the planet. Are they referring to a particular article, video, person, etc? I'd like to learn what others may think is a better test of fitness. The only major objection to this claim that I can think of is that there might be fitter people out there who have never heard of CrossFit and thus don't participate in the Games.

These games videos are tremendously inspiring. I've had to resist working out on my off days after watching one or two of these. Editing this into a 1-hour ESPN2-style special would be a great way to spread the word.

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