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December 21, 2009

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This is the ninth installment of the Complete 2009 CrossFit Games videos, and the first part of the Affiliate Cup section. Here is complete coverage of Friday’s Affiliate Cup competition.

Interest in this year’s Affiliate Cup competition caught everyone off guard. Registration had to be reopened and the logistics reconsidered to accommodate twice the number of teams as were originally expected to compete. In the words of Coach Glassman:

“There’s something very different that happens in these team workouts—and it’s the camaraderie and esprit de corps. It’s hugely uniting ... . Nearly 100 teams of men and women from all over the world have gathered to test their programming, their strength, and their willingness to endure the physical discomforts and mental fatigue of outright battle. They gather not as individual athletes, but as irreplaceable parts of a single entity, quite simply bigger than themselves ... . They gather as a team, and they will fight as one.”

Teams were composed of four to six competitors plus an optional non-competing coach. Precisely two men and two women competed in each event, and teams were permitted to select different combinations for different events.

On Friday, each team completed three workouts in a random order, similar to the structure of the 2008 Games. Scoring was the same as in the individual competitions (1 point for first, 2 for second, etc., with the team with the lowest number of points to be declared the winner). Only five teams advanced to Sunday’s final. The events on Day 1 were as follows:

The Run: Each member ran a 500-meter lap individually, and the team ran a fifth together. For time.

The Stadium: Each athlete cycled through 30 wall-ball shots, and then the members rotated together through stations of box jumps, dumbbell push presses, kettlebell swings and a 300-meter row. The event ended with each member performing 30 deadlifts, one at a time. For time.

North Pad: Each athlete established their 3-rep-max overhead squat and performed 3 sets of max pull-ups. The team total was the total weight of the overhead squat, plus the total amount of pull-up reps from each member.

This video by CrossFit Again Faster is as much about successful affiliates as much as it is about successful affiliate teams.

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9 Comments on “Part 9: Friday - Affiliate Cup 09”


wrote …

Sevan, Jordan, Jon, and Patrick:

You continue to amaze us all with the quality of your depictions of the Games. Truly awe inspiring.

Thank you for bringing to us all from afar.


wrote …

Awesome coverage. I love these videos. Thanks!


Jesse Gray wrote …

Great work, this is my favorite games video so far by a mile! I really like the narrative style.


wrote …

Great video! Agreed best coverage yet John Gleason and again Faster Rock!! VERY INSPIREING Indeed!


wrote …

Well crafted Patrick Cummings, congratulations.


wrote …

Who is Lindsey Dion!!??? That chick is strong!


wrote …

Sorry I don't like the narrative style and these videos don't play on my ps3 like the men's events did. Cant wait for the women's events!!


replied to comment from David Tate

Thanks. We're looking into the PS3 issue.


wrote …

Great video! Who is the music by?

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