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Part 11: Sunday - Affiliate Cup 09 by Again Faster - CrossFit Journal

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December 23, 2009

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This is the 11th installment of the Complete 2009 CrossFit Games videos, and the third and final part of the Affiliate Cup. Here is complete coverage of Sunday’s final chipper event.

The team workout was:
75 squat cleans (100/155 lb.)
150 toes to bar
150 box jumps (20/24 inches)
75 thrusters (95/135 lb.)
35 muscle-ups
150 burpees
150 double-unders
300 walking lunges with 35-lb. plate overhead

The required numbers represent total team reps, and there was no minimum requirement per team member. Going into the final stretch of overhead walking lunges, CrossFit Invictus was leading with CrossFit Calgary close behind. The judges were strict, requiring both the knee to hit the ground and the hip to be completely open at the top. Invictus almost lost the lead to missed reps, but Sage Burgener grabbed the plate and drove the team to victory. Their time was 31:16, just three seconds ahead of Calgary’s 31:19.

Northwest CrossFit finished fourth in the Chipper but had enough of a lead going in to take the overall title with a low total score of 23 points over four events.

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wrote …

Well I thought I was pretty proud of how we did until I saw minute 27:15 of the video and saw my son covered in dirt and doing a little dance. That's my boy!

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