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Part 10: Saturday Interviews - Affiliate Cup 09 by Again Faster - CrossFit Journal

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December 22, 2009

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This is the 10th installment of the Complete 2009 CrossFit Games videos, and the second part of the Affiliate Cup section. Here are interviews taken on Saturday, July 11, the day of recovery between Friday’s competition and Sunday’s finals.

At the end of Friday, the teams from Northwest CrossFit, CrossFit Central, CrossFit NorCal, CrossFit Invictus, and Oregon CrossFit were named as the five top teams going on to Sunday. After the announcement was made the and scores posted, an error on one of the scorecards for CrossFit Calgary was uncovered. When the finishing order was recalculated, Calgary was actually in fourth. The decision was made to allow all six teams to compete on Sunday.

This video from Again Faster is a series of interviews about what these six affiliates did to prepare for the Games. Competition footage continues tomorrow in Part 11: Sunday.

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