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Iron Will, Iron Bodies by The Men of the 2009 CrossFit Games - CrossFit Journal

Iron Will, Iron Bodies

By The Men of the 2009 CrossFit Games

In Athletes, CrossFit Games

December 11, 2009

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Male beauty: is it truly defined by the puffy bodybuilder, the boyish fashion model or the surgically altered movie star?

In CrossFit, beauty is found in function—moving large loads great distances quickly and efficiently. Without doubt, the bodies required to produce that functional movement are truly impressive machines made up of rippling muscle and taut sinew. CrossFit men are the direct descendants of hunters and warriors whose lives depended on fitness, but they are also living, breathing examples of the classical male ideal form sought after by Renaissance artists.

Media teams at the CrossFit Games took over 100,000 photos, and the CrossFit Journal presents the very best shots here in a tribute to the amazing physiques displayed by top male athletes in one of the world’s most rigorous proving grounds.

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2 Comments on “Iron Will, Iron Bodies ”


wrote …

Freakin Awsome pics, now i am completly pumped for CF total!



wrote …

So, do the guys get to complain about objectification now?

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