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Operation Pull for Hope by Gillian Mounsey - CrossFit Journal

Operation Pull for Hope

By Gillian Mounsey

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December 19, 2009

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CrossFit is about fitness and community, and Gillian Mounsey proved that on Nov. 14 at CrossFit Long Island City.

Performing 100 muscle-ups as part of her Operation Pull for Hope, Mounsey managed to raise over $53,000 for Hope for the Warriors. Those funds will be used by the charity to help servicepeople and their families who have been challenged by injuries or deaths in the line of duty.

With CrossFit gymnastics expert Jeff Tucker on hand, Mounsey completed the muscle-ups in 35 minutes flat in front of a large and vocal crowd. A host of people joined Gillian on the rings to show their support.

“That’s what this community is all about,” Tucker said after the memorable event.

Video by CrossFit Films by Jordan Gravatt.

5min 18sec

Additional reading: The Muscle-Up by Greg Glassman, published Nov.1, 2002.

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18 Comments on “Operation Pull for Hope”


wrote …

Epic work Gillian, keep it up sister. You are exactly what keeps my faith in the Crossfit community alive and well.

Thank you for the inspiration.

-Playoff Beard


Gerald Hill wrote …



Allison Bojarski wrote …

I love how strong Gillian is--and I'm not even talking about the muscle-ups. Way to represent New York, woman.


Joseph Powell wrote …



wrote …

You go girl! Thank you.


wrote …

Amazing - I love it. Rock it out, sister!


wrote …

Gillian fantastic job! This video seriously brought tears to my eyes. This is a perfect example why I am so happy to be part of this wondeful CrosFit family.


wrote …

Gillian, you inspire so many people in so many ways. Beauty In Strength!


wrote …

Jordan and Paula,

Great job on the video, might be one of the best I have seen on this site. I was obviously at the event, and I must say that I am blown away by how well you captured the essence and energy of Gillian's fund raiser for Hope for the Warriors.

Very well done!

To Gillian, her family, Vadim, Tucker, all the folks of FDNY, CrossFit LIC, CrossFit HQ, and everyone else I am forgetting, thanks for all the help.

Great job all, because of everyone's help, this event was a HUGE success.



Jordan Gravatt wrote …

Gillian and Mac,

The pleasure was all ours. Thank you for allowing us to contribute in this small way to this important cause. It was an honor and an inspiration to be there and participate in this event. Thank you for all that you guys do to support our troops and the CrossFit community.

Paula and Jordan


wrote …

this should be a free video. shouldnt need a journal subscription to view right!?


replied to comment from ben green

Good point Ben. It's now free.


wrote …



wrote …

Inspirational!!! Thank you!


wrote …

Things like this make me so proud to be a small part of CrossFit.

I remember the first encounter with Gillian as her judge at the 2008 games and I am always in awe of her abilities as an athlete but none of that equals her incredible character and strength of heart. Gilly Bean, thank you so much for letting me be a small part of this event. It will be a veru fond memory that I will take to my grave. If I can ever return the favor you just give me a ring!

Jordan and Paula - best video I have seen to date on this site. Seriously guys, your editing and films are making a huge impact on the shaping of CrossFit and showing people what CF is all about. I am honored to have your friendship.

Mac - your behind the scenes work is clearly visible as you see the event unfold - Good Job! Always faithful my friend.

What a great night in NY CF Long Island! Vadim thank yo ufor letting us invade your space that night and for your wonerful hospitality.



wrote …

unreal video! I'm going to echo other's sentiments that this was one of the best videos to date. The most enjoyable and inspiring part for me is seeing her smile on that last muscle up (i think she may have done it on all of them too). Great job Gillian! You rock!


wrote …

WOW, that was such an amazing video. As a vet and a proud american I couldn't help but get choked up to see that much support for our wounded warriors. The smile on your face Gillian was infectious and even though I had tears rolling down my cheaks they fell over a huge smile. Thanks to everyone that was involved for sharing this wonderful event. I am so proud to now be a member of the CrossFit Community.


wrote …


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