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December 22, 2009

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Going into Day 2 of the 2009 CrossFit Games, Moe Kelsey was in second place, serving notice that the big firefighter from Washington State was a force to be reckoned with in the CrossFit world.

In this interview with Jordan Gravatt, Big Moe reflects on the Games and talks about his training since he came home from Aromas. Kelsey believes the competition highlighted some of his weaknesses, so he’s been working hard on snatches, muscle-ups and handstand push-ups.

A “recovering bodybuilder,” Kelsey finished 28th in the run that opened the Games and has competed as a triathlete, giving the 6’2”, 225-lb. athlete more stamina than you might expect from a big man.

As a first responder, Kelsey never knows what emergency he’ll be dispatched to, and he never knows when a titanic run at Fran will be interrupted by the siren. Coming down from a high-intensity state to make calm, calculated decisions under pressure requires physical and mental toughness, and Kelsey proved he has both at the 2009 CrossFit Games.

Video by CrossFit Films by Jordan Gravatt.

6min 45sec

Additional audio: CrossFit Radio Episode 81, aired Aug. 19, 2009.

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5 Comments on “Part 1: Moe Kelsey Interview”


wrote …

Love to see Moe (finally) get some love.

I've been watching the 2009 games videos (through the first 4 events so far) and there has been more interview time with athletes who were eliminated on day one than with athletes that finished day two on the podium (looks like a lot of it was shot on Friday?).

Anyway, as a guy who a) is also 6'2", 225 lbs and b) has seen up close what an animal Moe is, it's awesome to see a big man show up in a sport that is more typically dominated by the 5'10", 185 lbs crowd.


wrote …

What a cool guy, can't wait to meet him. I know someone who helped him with his snatch before the 1rm event. what a tight knit community that a kid from the middle of no-where is only 1 degree removed from a CF games top competitor.



wrote …

What a stud, it's great to see the guys at the top that are the most visible are so grounded.


wrote …

No wonder Moe's struggling with the muscle ups... Get the false grip man!


replied to comment from Benjamin Wheeler

Ya, I noticed Josh Everett does the same thing, no false grip, that takes a lot of power to make it happen without it.

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