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December 28, 2009

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This is the 16th installment of the Complete 2009 CrossFit Games videos, and the fifth part of the women’s competition. Here is complete coverage of the women’s couplet event.

After the row/sledge event, 10 more women were eliminated. The 52 remaining competitors had one last chance to become one of the “Sweet 16” to compete on Sunday. The couplet was an extraordinary test:

3 rounds for time of:
30 wall balls (14-lb. med ball to a 10.5᾿ target)
30 squat snatches (45 lb., movement initiates with barbell below the knees)
20-minute time limit.

The top time of the day came from Carey Kepler (11:01), who was a full minute ahead of second place Sarah Dunsmore (12:02) and nearly three minutes ahead of third place Kristan Clever (13:45). Fifteen women were unable to complete the workout before the 20-minute cap timed out.

There are also some end-of-the-day briefings and interviews with: Tamara Holmes, Jocelyn Forest, Nicole Gordon, Breanne Feudale, Michele Vieux, Crystal McReynolds, Josh Wagner, Tanya Wagner, and Carey Kepler.

40min 48sec
HD file size: 1.32 GB
SD wmv file size: 512 MB
SD mov file size: 465 MB

Please note: These files are very large. They are long and even the SD versions are higher quality than the normal Journal videos. They are not meant to be watched streamed. Please download the entire file to your hard drive before watching it (right-click and choose Save Link As...).

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14 Comments on “Part 16: Couplet - Women’s 09 Games”


wrote …

On the HD download through iTunes, the playback seem to crap out at 30:19. I tried redownloading, same problem. Anyone aware of this?


wrote …

I had trouble with it too...skipped throught the entire thing...


wrote …

I tried mplayer and vlc on linux and both died at about the same spot too. Something is messed with the video I think.


replied to comment from James Deptuck

Also noticed the file being downloaded is about 960MB instead of the listed 1.32GB


wrote …

Hot damn, Kepler just crushed that WOD. Amazing. The ladies finishing later on in that heat where in the dark, that was surreal.


wrote …

Died on us too. Definately the video file.


wrote …

Looks like we had a corrupted file on the CDN. It's been replaced and should be working now. Sorry for the inconvenience.


wrote …

Thanks Tony!
These videos are awesome both in content and quality. Both the men and women are amazing athletes and the drama and intensity of the games is conveyed with style in the videos. I love the HD quality and the download speeds are excellent. Nice work web site and video people! :)


wrote …


Send props to Tony for the quality of his work. Well done!



replied to comment from Kevin Rogers

Thanks for the props, but there are others who deserve the bulk of the credit:
Carey Peterson for editing the women's footage.
Sevan Matossian for editing the men's footage.
Patrick Cummings for editing the affiliate footage.
Ron Wilhelm for managing all the technical chaos behind the scenes.
Ryan Lucas for the design and functionality of the Journal.
Mike Warkentin and Rory McKernan for keeping all the trains running on time.


wrote …

last heat was a superstar heat!


Ron Wilhelm wrote …

I can't take all the credit for managing the technical chaos. Tony supplies most of the chaos.


Olivia de Santis wrote …

This one was hilarious - Carey Kepler cracked me up!


wrote …

CF Centeral looks like a great crew with some amazing athletes, im rooting for ya! :)


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