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December 29, 2009

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This is the 17th installment of the Complete 2009 CrossFit Games videos, and the sixth part of the women’s competition. Here is complete coverage of the women’s max snatch event.

The first event of Day 2 was simple: Find a one-rep-max snatch. The rules of the event were unique. Eight women lifted at a time. They had 10 minutes in the arena to establish the heaviest successful lift possible. They could perform as many reps as they wanted within the allotted time. The lift was considered successful as long as no contact was made with the body above the hips (meaning it couldn’t be a clean and jerk). Power snatches, muscle snatches, press-outs and knees contacting the ground were all permitted.

Furthermore, the athletes had no official knowledge of the other lifters in their heat, and the ground was slightly slanted. Not to mention the fact that the competitors had been through five events the previous day and had two more following this one. This was a snatch competition unlike anything the world had ever seen.

Tamara Holmes had the best lift of the day (145 lb.). Tanya Wagner was second (135 lb.), while Kristan Clever and Lindsey Smith tied for third (130 lb.).

There are interviews with: Tanya Wagner, Annie Thorisdottir, Stacy Kroon, Mike Burgener, Jenny Olson.

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4 Comments on “Part 17: Max Snatch - Women’s 09 Games”


wrote …

First of all, these videos are great, and before I get a little nit-picky I think Tanya is a worthy champion and clearly would have won the games regardless of the following critique.

I don't think it makes sense to have Coach Burg in the ring coaching any athlete, and not coaching others. It can potentially create a scenario where he affects the outcome of the entire competition. Why coach Tanya, and ignore Annie or Sarah D? My apologies if it just looked that way because of video editing etc....but as it was shown it seemed unsavory. I think it would be wise to not allow this to happen at the 2010 games. It can potentially be a problem.


wrote …

I toatally agree with David H. He said everything i was thinking while watching the video.


Dane Thomas wrote …

Impressive efforts from all of the competitors! Very inspiring!

That having been established, I must agree with David and Wataru. No matter how good everybody's intentions it is impossible for any coach in the arena to give equal attention to 8 competitors simultaneously, especially when they have pre-existing relationships with only some of them.

The games get better organized every year, so this is just another lesson to be learned along the way. I like the idea of having "neutral support" coaches in the warmup area, but it would probably be best to keep them outside of the arena during the events.


Jesse Gray wrote …

Well said people, I think it should go even a step further though. Many of the judges act like judge/coach/motivator. Depending on the quality of the judge as a motivator/coach, this could also give an unfair advantage. To fix this I would propose that judges not be allowed to offer any encouragement or coaching advice other than saying what the athlete does wrong if they miss a rep, etc. and at the same time, to allow the competitor one coach to stand with them during the event to fill that role.

Also, did anyone else find it a bit redundant that Castro kept saying "heavy" snatch? If it's your one rep max I hope it's heavy!

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