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December 30, 2009

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Sarah Dunsmore was in third place at the end of the first day of the 2009 CrossFit Games. She finished 13th overall about a year after recovering from several major back surgeries that made walking a painful experience.

After discovering CrossFit in August of 2008, Dunsmore quickly found out that the program felt a lot like physical therapy and actually yielded similar results. The former collegiate rugby player (UNC) found that CrossFit helped her get stronger and feel better, and she’s been injury-free ever since.

At the Games, the 120-lb. Dunsmore turned in a dynamic performance, winning both the opening run and the sledgehammer/rowing WOD. It turns out Dunsmore’s training was very well suited to the events that came up at the Games, and her love of running uphill certainly came in handy in the sandbag sprint.

As for the 2010 Games, Dunsmore, who won the Midwest Regional less than a year after starting CrossFit, is excited to see what kind of athletes make it to the Games this year.

Video by Again Faster.

11min 16sec

Additional reading: The Sweet 16 by Mike Warkentin, published July 22, 2009.



11 Comments on “Reflections on the 2009 CrossFit Games”


wrote …


I don't know if you remember, but I was your judge on the deadlift event. I was very impressed at your calm sense of purpose, not to mention your tremendous strength, especially for an athlete of your size.

I enjoyed watching this video and getting a glimpse of Sarah the person as well as the athlete. I'll be in Aromas again next year, hope to see you again!

-Jeremy "Playoff Beard" Reed

P.S. I "sometimes" like to drink beer too ;-)


wrote …

Great video! Sarah, we followed you all day and clapped so hard for you during the chipper that our hands hurt. You were incredible and it was awesome to watch this video and get to know you more. We're excited to see you and cheer you on next year. Congratulations on your incredible performance at the '09 Games!!


Jack Wiggen wrote …

Awesome video! Sarah is an inspiration to those of us that work out with her. She works just as hard at helping others in the gym as she does training herself.

My experience in CrossFit is better because I've trained with Sarah.

Good luck on your way to Aromas in 2010!


wrote …

It's great to hear someone speak so eloquently about Crossfit. Sarah knows so well the keys to elite performance. The challenges that she has faced and the obstacles that she has overcome is nothing less than miraculous. Great journal article!! I look forward to hearing more from Sarah Dunsmore.


Ashley Denton wrote …

Sarah Dunsmore rocks. Plain and simple. Proud of you girl!


wrote …

Agreed, Oliver. This is a brilliant interview. I hope Sarah speaks often in the CrossFit forums.


wrote …

Sarah! u rock!


wrote …

Sarah, you are amazing, woman! Thanks for inspiring me!


wrote …

Great perspective on balancing the goals of health and wellness with the competitive nature that thrives in the crossfit community. In the end, the crossfit games are a cool venue to express one's dedication to crossfit, fitness, and sport while being able to see where you fall in the heirarchy but really it comes down to you vs. you.

Sarah seems to have a very holistic (not sure if intended) approach to crossfit. The physical, the mental, and the spiritual components of Crossfit resonate throughout this article(she created in my mind's eye a morning run with the rising sun on the horizon, the dew covered grass soaking my shoes, and the music of nature as my playlist). Great video Sarah!


wrote …

Sarah is phenomenal. Had the pleasure of being with her at her Certification, and a couple times at the Games. She is the kind of person that any real competitor would immediately appreciate. An "athlete's athlete".

She very eloquently described the stress of competition, and evaluating the net impact of the gamut of emotions an athlete confronts. Different people handle the same situations with unique outlooks. I like, and respect, hers.

I know that I didn't cheer harder for another athlete all weekend.


wrote …

Nice to see a fellow Culver Grad doing well at CrossFit. All the best Sarah,

Roelant Bergen

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