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Strongman Hip Extension by Rob Orlando - CrossFit Journal

Strongman Hip Extension

By Rob Orlando

In Sports Applications, Videos

December 09, 2009

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The Foundations section of the Level 1 Cert Manual is clear:

“Powerful hip extension alone is necessary and nearly sufficient for elite athletic performance. That is, our experience has been that no one without the capacity for powerful hip extension enjoys great athletic prowess, and nearly everyone we’ve met with that capacity was a great athlete.”

Hip extension is key to success in CrossFit, and it’s just as essential to strongman lifts. Rob Orlando from Hybrid Athletics demonstrates the importance of violent hip opening by having an athlete lift a stone, a keg and a log.

By mastering this important athletic movement, you’re setting yourself up for success, whether you’re performing a snatch, lifting an atlas stone, spiking a volleyball or tackling a running back.

5min 02sec

Additional reading: The Power of Dynamic Pulling Exercises by Bill Star, published Dec. 5, 2008.

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11 Comments on “Strongman Hip Extension”


wrote …

Always great to hear from Rob Orlando, i think ill have to finnally make an atlas stone there so damn cool.



Jay Ashman wrote …

I will be competing in the Challenge, but I cannot make the seminar. Its unfortunate that I cannot, because I am sure it will be a damn good experience.


wrote …

Good stuff! I like the cross disciplines, coming from a PL/Strongman background.


Richard Meurk wrote …

Really nice video!


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Very informative & well done!


Darren Coughlan wrote …

I'd like to see a video of Rob making one of those Atlas Stones


replied to comment from Darren Coughlan

Did you see this video Darren where he discusses those?


Yeah, Thanks Matt, But im a visual learner ;)


replied to comment from Darren Coughlan

I saw a video a while back of Elliot Hulse I believe, making atlas stones. Googleize it bro.


Cheers Robert,

In case anyone else wants to watch;


wrote …

What I seem to notice the most about the log and keg. When Rob's helper was at the bottom just before the initial pull, he's elbows weren't in the locked out positions. Which pulling large amount of weight over countless reps will in time cause serious wear on his elbow joints. Basically watching this video hurt my elbows...

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