Birthing an Affiliate

By Gregg Arsenuk, Zionna Munoz and Lamarr Smith

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January 15, 2010

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Great trainers create other great trainers, and stellar boxes produce other stellar boxes. That’s the way CrossFit started, with Greg Glassman coaching the original athletes who left CrossFit HQ to spread Coach’s program. Others came to Santa Cruz to learn and take the program back home with them, and the movement exploded from there.

At Guerrilla Fitness in New Jersey, Lamarr Smith and Zionna Munoz trained under Gregg Arsenuk, and when they felt ready to open their own facility, they took a lot of great experience with them. Driving cross-country, Smith and Munoz visited other successful boxes, where they learned best practices and how to be successful. They eventually stopped the car in SoCal and opened Next Level Performance in Lake Forest.

In this video the three are reunited, and they talk about starting Guerrilla Fitness and Next Level Performance, as well as why it’s a good idea to train at an affiliate before you think about owning one.

6min 02sec

Video by CrossFit Films by Jordan Gravatt.

Additional reading: Diluting the Brand? by Alec Hanson, published Oct. 24, 2009.



4 Comments on “Birthing an Affiliate”


wrote …

The secret to Gregg's and Guerrilla Fitness' success is how he treats his clients which is with respect, concern and ultimately he wants each of them to have fun. Gregg has been instrumental in making my experience with CrossFit one of the best things that's happened to me. I'm sure many of his other clients feel exactly the same. That is how Gregg got lucky... by treating people well.

Although I've only met Lamar and Z once, I could tell instantly they are made of the same good stuff as Gregg! My girlfriend "Jonze" and I will definitely be paying them a visit at NLP this summer. I wish these guys all the success they deserve! Great examples for the CrossFit community.


Adam Kayce wrote …

I really enjoyed hearing from these guys. The experience they share and the model they demonstrate is really fantastic.

Note to cameraman: Ease up on the zoom button, 'kay?


wrote …

Can't wait to get down there some time and meet them myself. I think it's a great idea for someone to workout/ and train clients at another box before they start their own. You can learn so much this way about group dynamics, personal training, and feel out the schedule and lifestyle and see if you like it. It's also great to go around and see other boxes like these guys said - they're right on. Everyone does something very well and we can all get a little something from everyone!


wrote …

Z and Lammar run an awesome program down there at NLP. Its like one massive family. If you get a chance to train with them take it!

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