Games On: Megan and Chyna

By Sevan Matossian

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January 29, 2010

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What better way to train for an upcoming CrossFit Games Sectional than with 2008 men’s champ Jason Khalipa and his coach, Austin Begiebing, cheering you through a workout?

With sectional events only months away, Sevan Matossian stopped by CrossFit Unlimited to check out a WOD featuring two potential Games athletes going head to head. Megan and Chyna will both be competing in the NorCal Sectional at the end of March, and they tested their training against a short WOD.

Three rounds for time of:
10 cleans (115 lb.)
10 burpees

Megan, who had just PR'd in the power clean (135lbs), finished in 5:40. Chyna (whose PR is 165lbs) finished in a blazing 3:49.

6min 13sec

Additional video: Games Prep Women’s Workout, published April 1, 2009.

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34 Comments on “Games On: Megan and Chyna”


Olivia de Santis wrote …

Love it right up to the bit where it starts to be about perving at her boobs. Not cool.


Olivia de Santis wrote …

Also want to mention that I LOVE Jason Khalipa in the the back ground with a firm "YES!" when Megan is asked if she thinks she'll qualify.


wrote …

nice! go team bing-bing


Austin @Unlimited wrote …

Thoes are my girls. I'm so proud of you two!


wrote …

I can appreciate a nice set of cans in action as much as any horny young fella, but I have to agree with Olivia de Santis' first post. However "interesting" that cleavage piercing may be, it's entirely irrelevant to Crossfit and their WOD. Crossfit is not just fore dudes, and stuff like that really risks alienating or outright offending a lot of the women on this site.
That last segment was more like the opening "dialogue" of an amateur porn. Which is cool and all, but just not on this website.
Not trying to be a tight-ass or anything, all I'm saying is we should try to be more considerate.

And, Baker Leavitt, that's a little harsh. I think she's right. You obviously don't, but that's no reason to insult her. And dude, someone always has something negative to say about EVERYTHING. There is NOTHING that everyone has only positive things to say about.


wrote …

Three trainers in the room, and no one thought to make a comment about correcting their burpee form-- very little jump, not standing all the way up, just flopping to the floor. WTF? Those trainers should have shouted out some form corrections. I get that they were getting tired, but what's the point of having a trainer there if not to give pointers.


replied to comment from Tommy Ryan

i was a bit harsh and insulting, that is not me. just sucks and is frustrating someone always has something negative to say. to be quite honest i think her shirt was a little inappropriate.


freddy camacho wrote …

Megan and fellow Team Bing-Bing members! Great job ladies!!!

Poor Megan won't get the props she deserves because suddenly working out in a low cut top is offensive to women. Megan is tiny! Her performance was crazy impressive. Austin has done an amazing job with Megan.

Eva, trust me, Chyna, who is a very good friend of mine, knows her burpees suck. She is working on it. The funny thing is that you make a totally valid point about the sloppy burpee (which I can't f'ing stand), but that slop was the acceptable standard at the 2008 CrossFit Games.

Chyna is a hard working young lady. It will be a shame if this video ends up being some trivial debate about her breasts, her choice of clothing, or her piercings. Chyna didn't make the video. CrossFit made the video. We should appreciate that Chyna has only been training to get better at CrossFit for six months. She has a lot of good things going for her:
#1- She is young. #2- She is an actual athlete (collegiate swimmer) who knows how to work hard and push herself. #3- She is excited about the results she gets in her workouts every day. (Seriously, I get a text the moment her training session is done.) #4- She is on Team Bing-Bing, and Austin knows how to program for his athletes to get the best results.

Appreciate the video for what it is. Two ladies working as hard as they are capable.

I can't wait to see how these ladies perform at the Sectional Qualifer.


wrote …

I don't see what the big deal is. That's not being a pervert. That's Sevan being himself. Watch more of his videos, like the early ones with Jolie G. Sevan always throws random questions out there. It's one of the reasons why his videos are so fun and enjoyable to watch.

Ladies had good performances. Megan especially impressed me since she just PR'd with only 20 more pounds on the bar. Pretty awesome stuff.


wrote …

Team Bing Bing representing, Megan and Chyna are both hard workers and it has paid off with their results. I second Freddy's thoughts on actually watching the performance and the capabilities of these two young ladies. I'm glad I get to train with them on a daily basis and motivates me to try my best. Props to Austin too for their programming, he's got a knack for exposing your weaknesses and motivating you to work on them. Cant wait to see where all this hard work leads too.

dal - crossfitunlimited


wrote …

Can anyone please tell me what the background song is in the video? Been trying to google the lyrics for the last 30mins and nothings is coming up?

Ps Nice work ladies, solid performance.


wrote …

Another job well done Sevan, nominate this man for some kind of award.


wrote …

Agree with #6 about need for form correction


wrote …

Oh My Goodness Breasts.(Sarcasm) Please guys (and ladies) they are a natural part of the human anatomy and if you are in any way offended just don't watch the video again and stop being so uptight. Great video as always just felt like adding positive feedback. Good Job Ladies! CF Games here you come.


wrote …

Enjoyed the video. Great job by both ladies. Would much rather have seen some post WOD comments from both athletes rather than the garbage about the body piercings. Who friggin cares? Props to Megan. She looks about my size and that was a lot of weight. Probably bodyweight or more. Good luck to both of you at Sectionals!


wrote …

My be a little pervy. May be a little inappropriate. Not gonna debate that, nor do I care.

What was nice, however, is that the post-workout interview showed a person, and not just an athlete/machine/crossfit robot. She seems like a great gal and a great athlete. Way to go, and good luck at the Games!


Olivia de Santis wrote …

Jeez, I didn't mean to start a fire. There's nothing wrong with Chyna, nor what she's wearing, where she chooses to get pierced, and especially her (rather gracious) reaction to what was an inappropriate line of questioning from the filmmaker who was CLEARLY being a perv.


wrote …

How about just a plain shout out to two great athletes that have amazing work capacity. Jeez already.

#165/135# Power Cleans are no joke. Wow.


replied to comment from Tommy Ryan

I hear what you're saying, absolutely. However, I'm sure she has that piercing there and wears her top that low for just that reason. So no one should be surprised if it garners that kind of attention. Off camera if that conversation takes place none of my business. But let's not act surprised when it does show up!


wrote …

I appologize to Megan and Chyna. I should have started out by saying that was a great effort by those two ladies. Hard work and effort should always be recognized. Great job ladies!!


Brad Cogburn wrote …

I Like it strong work!


chastity slone wrote …

I;m interested in the song playing in the background too! Somebody tell me what it was. Love it.
Nice job, ladies! All I can say is I'm in cloudy, frigid cold Ohio and I wish I could work out in the clothes she was wearing! I bet it's sunny and warm there. Why does anybody live in Ohio!!


wrote …

Motivated me to go out to the garage and do the same. Good job, hard chargers!


Jeremy Stecker wrote …

Nice work ladies.

It seems like it would be a better fit to put this video as one of the mainsite videos or in the Crossfit Games section. I didn't learn much, but that might have been because I was distracted. :D


wrote …

Motivated me to go out to the garage and do the same. Good job, hard chargers!


wrote …

I love crossfit chicks!!!


wrote …

LOL Sevan was hilarious at the end there! Cmon i cant believe you guys are raggin on him for it.

Megan and Chyna top athletes!

Its nice seeing "super stars" working out alongside "ordinary" CFers - its not that it doesnt happen just we dont perhaps see it that often as the cameras are rightly on the stars most often...


Bob Guere wrote …

Since when are we policing CF videos for G-ratings?

Start with the soundtracks if you want to go at it ... "F-ing this.... N*gga that..."... I was watching a CF video over the weekend and I heard "semen" and "scrotum sack".... Really? Sorry for the very mention of it. These girls are wearing no more and no less than many classic CF videos. I thought we celebrated the human form here. Did the talk about the piercings do anything for the video? Nah, but whatever. Sevan is a hard-hitting videographer! He asks the tough questions.

Let's just chill a bit... Sevan, great video. Girls, AWESOME workout....those are a couple of legit times.

Jason, you need a bigger shirt! Your boobs are too big. LOL! Kidding, bro. I can't wait to see all the new and returning competitors this year.

Freddy... good to see your face again on the web. We missed you out here in 'net land.


wrote …

Great WOD, an inspiration!

That outfit was so distracting, though. It would have been easier to watch Chyna's technique if she were actually naked. Thanks for the dialogue about the piercings, it's just what I would have been dying to ask myself!

And Megan and Chyna were very poised and gracious. Instead of lying on the floor, writhing in pain...


wrote …

Olivia is outta control. Jeez...


wrote …

I appreciate the effort of these two women. However, I have to agree on the post about the burpees. Their form along with their spring in their jump was mediocore at best. With that being said 3 rounds of 10 cleans and 10 burpees isn't an easy workout, so credit is due.


wrote …

I'm with J. Tanner on this one....Crossfit Chicks are HOT!!


wrote …

Awesome times on that wod!

Not sure why ladies would necessarily be offended... since when is CrossFit super prim and proper...?

Do standards say knees can't touch o


replied to comment from Sara Ayaz

Do standards say knees can't touch on burpees now or is knees touching acceptable?

*Apologies for post misstep.

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