CrossFit Radio, Episode 102

By Justin Judkins

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January 13, 2010

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Wes Harper (CrossFit Garage) and Monique Ames (CrossFit Evolution) joined Justin on Episode 102 of CrossFit Radio, webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Jan. 13, 2010.

1:58 Wes Harper owns CrossFit Garage in Woodstock, Ga., and on Feb. 6 and 7, his affiliate will host the Garage Games 2010. Wes came on to talk about the event, and he discussed the different levels of competition designed to give beginner, intermediate and advanced CrossFitters a chance to showcase their talents. He gave details on prizes, cost, number of applicants and how you can get signed up.

17:22 Monique Ames owns the thriving affiliate CrossFit Evolution in Central Florida, and she talked about what it takes to create success. Exciting things are happening at her box, and she detailed the programs they use and how and why they change them constantly. She gave advice to affiliate owners based on what she has seen and experienced over the past three years of being in business, and she described the mindset necessary to succeed in a difficult economic climate. Monique will be speaking at this year's FilFest, and she and several of her athletes are training for CrossFit Games Sectionals in spring.

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12 Comments on “CrossFit Radio, Episode 102”


wrote …

Can't wait for the Garage Games 2010! Great interview with Wes.


wrote …

Great interview Wes! Love the picture you chose. Looking forward to the Garage Games.


wrote …

Great show! I love listening to Crossfit Radio. Such wonderful topics! Enjoyed hearing about the upcoming Garage Games. Thanks for great content, Justin!


wrote …

Excellent show, great interview with Monique from CrossFit Evolution. They run a great box down there in Longwood (Orlando), FL - it's really good that they are getting some exposure and people are able to get to know both Monique & Leo.


wrote …

My first time listening to the radio show. Great content, lot's of insightful comments. I agree with Ron Murray, I've been to Monique and Leo's box. They run a tight ship with excellent programming and that has created an environment of happy members. It is a pleasure to work out there.


wrote …

Another Great show Justin!!! Amazing Community, it never ceases to impress and inspire me every show. Been a long distance fan of CrossFit Evolution they do great videos and I can't wait to familiarize myself with CrossFit Garage. Thank's for the great shows Justin keep them coming.


wrote …

Hey Justin,
great show. I've been getting caught up on all the crossfit radio thanks to iTunes. Just had to stop by and share a bit with you. I started going paleo this month just because I've heard a lot about it and wanted to try it and I gotta say I'm 14 days in and I feel great and I look better. It really struck home when you mentioned having a dream about food, that same thing happened to me 3 days in! I know after my 30 days are up I'm gonna grab me a big new York style pizza.
Anyways I ordered my frist crossfit shirt today ( mostly due to your show )even though I've been crossfiting out of my backyard for abut 1year now. So no more crossfit shirt envy for me. Anyways great show keep up the great work and I'll be listner #7 for ya.
-Pat McAninch


wrote …

Thanks all. I really enjoyed doing the interviews this week. As always, my guests, Wes and Monique, represented themselves and their affiliates really well. Pat, I am excited for your paleo success and even more excited to identify listener #7. Scott, I'm always pumped about getting new listeners to tune in - thanks.


wrote …


Last week Coach talked about the "performance based certification" (or something like that) in an effort to silence the "you aren't certified so naa-na-na-na-na" critics (quotation marks are mine). Do you know how this will impact the Level I and Level II certs? Will it be a different (i.e. additional) cert or will it replace the level II cert? If so, what about everyone who has taken the Level II cert already? Obviously they can't be grandfathered in but if this new cert replaces it, would there be some sort of a discount for those who already have it? Monique used sound logic in her arguments for a variable fees across the crossfit community and this new certification would certainly add a new level to that argument.




check out this link: (WFS) btw-don't register, unless you are planning to be at FilFest. :)

this will change a lot of things, foremost bringing legitimacy to the Crossfit program. of course, there is a VERY generous window for everyone to "catch-up" to the new standards. in short, everyone is affected, and that's a good thing. all affiliates must pass as well, as required in our licensing agreements. but at the end of the day, a test is still just a test, and the success of your box and your clients is what defines us as coaches.


wrote …

Great interview Justin! Monique, you and Leo are crushin’ it... Thanks for all your help and what you're doing for the community. Being a relatively new affiliate and working hard to grow my business, it’s always good to be reminded that fear is a natural part of this – and you’ve gotta get over it and move forward. Staying focused on the quality of the instruction in your gym (chasing excellence), keeping the right mindset, concerning yourself more with the results and experience your members are getting and less with what other people are doing…all good stuff! Right message at the right time!


wrote …

Great Show!! also like the adjustment on the volume levels. Keep up the great work.

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