CrossFit Works Part 2—The Ding Series

By Tony Budding and Rory McKernan

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January 05, 2010

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For under $350 combined, Tony Budding and Rory McKernan traveled to Tuscon, Ariz., on the Southwest Airlines Ding program. While there, they visited Jennifer Higgins and Carl Wells of CrossFit Works.

As part of their visit, they put a 58-year-old athlete named Steve Haessler through his first Fran. CrossFit has enabled Steve keep doing the things he loves, such as karate, and by combining the program with solid nutrition he’s lost 25 lb.

Along the way, Steve, Jennifer and Carl talk about the CrossFit experience and the culture they’ve created at the box. Steve himself comes up with one of the better descriptions of CrossFit and what it’s all about:

“This is like almost a cathedral of self-improvement, and yet people are in it together.”

6min 20sec

Additional reading: The Story Behind the Success by Jeremy Thiel, published Sept. 27, 2009.

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14 Comments on “CrossFit Works Part 2—The Ding Series”


wrote …

well done steve at 58 years young that has shut me up good and proper; im 43 and complain like a little girl that the WOD is to hard im to old but watching this has giving me a new view. Very true about crossfit being in the kitchen ,I have being doing crossfit for about 6 months with not eating good at all ( this year it starts ) no more complaining thanks steve and crossfit keep up the good work

PS: going to do fran now shiting myself


wrote …

Southwest made these guys pay for tickets despite the fact that they're placing ads for them in the CFJ? That's messed up.


wrote …

Makes me really miss Tucson - congrats to Steve, and congrats to the boxes in Tucson. They're all pretty much brand-new, and it seems like it's kicking ass. I'm a psychiatrist, and had a patient in Tucson who had been in treatment for years - she found one of the boxes (not that one I think) and started, and the results from just the *mental health* she found were startling, to say the least - say nothing about all the physical stuff.

Congrats! Go Arizona! Go Steve!


wrote …

“This is like almost a cathedral of self-improvement, and yet people are in it together.” I love that quote, so true! Crossfit has definitely enhanced my life in multiple ways.

Oh, and Steve just celebrated his 59th birthday! Happy Birthday Steve, we love you!


Keith Fournier wrote …

Steve is a rock star and one of the nicest guys you'll ever meet. I say that despite him being able to kick my butt in deadlifts on a regular basis. Happy birthday man and great job on the workout.

Thanks Jen and Carl for putting such a special place together for us.


wrote …

Great inspirational video.....gave me a boost to train the snow is falling hard here in Northampton, England! 3,2,1...go!


wrote …

Way to go, Steve! Think about this: as your age goes up, your Fran time will go down. Peace.


wrote …

Very impressive...I forwarded the video to my Dad(62), who I have been trying to get to try CrossFit for a year. If this doesn't motivate him, nothing will! Great job Steve.


wrote …

As someone about to enter the 40s I am excited of the many years ahead where i will still be able to do the WOD's.


wrote …

Awesome! Age does not matter.


Troy Torrence wrote …

Great job Steve... very inspirational and motivating...keep up the great work


John Lowe wrote …

While watching the firebreathers can be fun, I really enjoy watching the videos of mere mortals using CrossFit as a vehicle to improve and enrich their fitness levels and their lives. Very inspiring.


wrote …

Steve..Great job on an incredibly difficult workout! Your attitude inspires everyone you're around. Great job coaching Jenny!


wrote …

Fantastic job Steve! And what a great looking affiliate!

To the CFJ guys is there any chance this clip could be made FREE? There are so many people i know who are "Steves" who this clip seems to directly address!

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