Rory vs. Kate: The Ding Series Part 4

By Jennifer Higgins and Rory McKernan

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January 21, 2010

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For under $350, Tony Budding and Rory McKernan traveled to Tuscon, Ariz., on the Southwest Airlines Ding program. While there, they visited Jennifer Higgins and Carl Wells of CrossFit Works, who talked about training female athletes.

Higgins explained that many women are intimidated by weights and pull-ups and bring up traditional worries including “getting too bulky.” A look at some of the top women in CrossFit usually convinces new CrossFitters that lifting heavy is OK, and Higgins says CrossFit Works actually has more females than males.

To highlight the potential of the female athlete, trainer Kate Wells went head-to-head in a WOD with Rory, who did very well at last year’s SoCal Regional Qualifier.

For time:
30 thrusters (65/105 lb.)
60 double-unders
20 thrusters
40 double-unders
10 thrusters
20 double-unders

6min 20sec

Additional video: On Being a Trainer by Greg Glassman, published Aug. 1, 2007.

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11 Comments on “Rory vs. Kate: The Ding Series Part 4”


wrote …

This is a great video... Keep'em coming...


wrote …

Go Kate! Go Jen!


Keith Fournier wrote …

Nice work Kate, your a rock star!


wrote …

Good video series, very enjoyable.


wrote …

Competing with Rory brought out a little extra in Kate. I should've had her go at 75lbs instead of 65lb but who knew?
Jen Higgins


wrote …

that box looks awesome


wrote …

Nice job Kate!


Chris Worden wrote …

Great video. I like the track in the background too, I tried to google the lyrics but couldn't figure out who it's by.

Any help?


wrote …

What's the name of the song, and where can i find it?


replied to comment from Chris Worden

Chris and Kelli,
The song is Joanna by Japhia Life.


wrote …

Stellar clip! Rory having Kate fake exhausted at the end was priceless ;)

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