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January 24, 2010

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CrossFit Fenway opened its doors in December, and Patrick Cummings of Again Faster had a chance to talk with co-owner Steve Rast about some of the finer details of starting a new box.

Rast says it’s important to make connections in the community quickly and to talk to everyone you can. Networking can help you in ways you never considered, and sometimes an offhand conversation can result in something great—like a lease in a spectacular location.

As for pricing of membership, Rast explains that a host of factors came into play. They wanted to pay their coaches well and cover expenses, but they also wanted to choose a price that reflected the fact that a CrossFit box is not just a room full of machines with a lone attendant handing out towels. In keeping with the community-minded CrossFit tradition, Rast also considered CrossFit Boston in his pricing, with the understanding that a strong group of boxes would be mutually beneficial.

Finally, Rast talks about how he determined when the box would be profitable, and he’s set himself a goal of reaching that point by the end of January.

Video by Again Faster.

10min 49sec

Additional reading: How to Succeed as a CrossFit Affiliate by Jeremy Thiel, published Jan. 1, 2009.

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3 Comments on “Nuts and Bolts—CrossFit Fenway, Part 3”


wrote …

that crossfit gym is looking very good. By the way when you move out to oregon it would be very nice if you could start up an affiliate in wilsonville(just an idea)


Hey- Wilsonville would be awesome! but just an fyi- We are right up the road in Lake Oswego. Come on up anytime! :)

CrossFit eXcellence, Lake Oswego OR


wrote …

Hey guys this whole series w/ crossfit fenway has been totally inspiring to me nice job w/ the gym and again faster w/ the videos.

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