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January 13, 2010

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CrossFit affiliates are popping up everywhere, and Patrick Cummings of Again Faster stopped by the brand new CrossFit Fenway for its grand opening on Dec. 12.

With demonstration WODs running in the background, co-owner Steve Rast talks about the unique set of circumstances that allowed him and his partners to open CrossFit Fenway just a block from world-famous Fenway Park, home of the Boston Red Sox.

While many CrossFit boxes are found off the beaten track in light industrial zones, CrossFit Fenway is in a high-traffic area and features large windows and natural light. Rast and co. made sure the custom-made pull-up structure went right in front of those windows, and with curious people pressing faces against the glass, it’s probable that CrossFit Fenway won’t need much of an advertising budget.

Video by Again Faster.

9min 18sec

Additional reading: Beyond the Garage Gym: Starting or Expanding a CrossFit Affiliate by Pat Sherwood, published Nov. 1, 2007.



10 Comments on “Getting Open: CrossFit Fenway, Part 1”


wrote …

Great setup! Love the big "showcase" windows


wrote …

Amazing BOX! I wish that was mine.


wrote …

Gotta love the Sox!


wrote …

You can probably make a decent living just by selling the t-shirst with that bad ass cool baseball diamond/over head squat logo. Hope you get a ton of new clients in your great location.


wrote …



wrote …

Congratulations CrossFit Fenway!! The space looks great, I love the windows. Good luck! Cant wait to work out there this fall when I'm out there on vacation.

--Stacie Beal, CrossFit Elysium, SD


Kristopher Germain wrote …

Great story. Great time to for me to hear it. We've been looking for a space seemingly forever out in Los Angeles. Because of Zoning issues we've started searching in the retail market, which changes everything. My whole business plan is changing as i make concession for less space than i was planning on, and twice as much rent.

all that is tough to swallow sometimes, but it's encouraging to see the excitement surrounding CrossFit Fenway. can't wait to follow your progress.

out of curiosity, I'm wondering how much square footage you guys have there. oh, and was the $40-$60 per sq/ft a misstatement?



JT Scott wrote …

Thanks for all the support!

Kristopher: That's not a misstatement. Commercial retail street frontage in Boston routinely goes for that amount ($40+ per sqft per year). The recession and other factors is making it possible to get some good deals if you are willing to make some concessions when negotiating your lease agreements. I think experience in negotiating commercial real estate is one of the biggest "gaps" in the CF Affiliate knowledge base that is commonly encountered when starting affiliate locations. I am hoping to publish some Best Practices that can be of assistance in that process.

As an affiliate in a major urban center, your business plan may need to depart (perhaps radically) from many other affiliates'. That's okay. Do whatever works FOR YOU.

CFF is currently operating out of about 2700 sqft. We've made adjustments to class sizes, operations models, and pricing to account for our circumstances. Feel free to contact me for more info. Good luck!

-JT @ Fenway


wrote …

Awesome Box! The Fenway was my old stomping grounds in college. It's nice to see CrossFit in that part of the city. You guys will be rock.

I just might visit Boston more often.

Niki L., CrossFit Albuquerque


wrote …

Wicked location. I am coming up to run Boston next month. I will come check you out. Best of Luck!

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