Shoulder Prep

By Kelly Starrett

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January 02, 2010

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The shoulder is one of the more complicated joints in the human body, so it usually benefits from a good warm-up. As tempting as it may be to grip it and rip it when faced with a WOD, spending a bit of time loosening up your joints is a great idea and will improve performance and reduce the chance of injury.

Working with a group of athletes at CrossFit Santa Cruz, Kelly Starrett goes through a thorough warm-up designed to get the shoulders ready for high-intensity activity. Starrett starts the athletes in the push-up position, which also helps warm up the core.

As the shoulders loosen up, Starrett has the athletes go through a larger range of motion, eventually bringing them over to the pull-up bar for some body-weight work. From there, the group is ready to hit a WOD.

Starrett is the owner of San Francisco CrossFit and a doctor of physical therapy.

8min 05sec

Additional reading: CrossFit Shoulder Therapy by Tyler Hass, published Oct. 1, 2005.

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19 Comments on “Shoulder Prep ”


wrote …

Awesome Video Kelly, I really appreciate this information. Keep this stuff coming.


wrote …

Superb video Kelly cheers (and the CFJ fellas)!



Thanks for the vid, Kelly!


wrote …

Kelly, your videos bring huge value to my CFJ subscription. Thanks


wrote …

Starting about two days ago I've only been getting audio and can't see the video on any of the journal posts. I have a MAC does anyone have any ideas?




wrote …

Classic Kstar! I still fail the "intelligence" test every time.

Jeremy - I have a MAC, are you clicking on the quicktime link? If so you made need to update your quicktime.


wrote …

Coming off shoulder surgery in August to shave bone out of my AC joint. Thank you for the video, I will be using the exercises in this video as part of my warm-up.


replied to comment from Jeremy Brownlee

Hey Jeremy,

I'm on a mac as well, but haven't run into that problem. My only guess would be that Quicktime needs an update of sorts, or if you are using a WMV plugin that might have an update or need to be re-downloaded.

Hope that helps,



replied to comment from Jeremy Brownlee

I have a program called VLC media player. It's freeware, and if there exists one for Mac, I bet it works for everything, cause it's awesome.


wrote …

Thanks everyone. I thought the old MacBook had updated QuickTime....but it had not when I switched to Snow Lepord...and I was wrong.

Back in business..Great Video!!!!


wrote …

How many of the demonstrated exercises would be included in a typical warm-up that features a shoulder joint movement? What about for different workout demands, e.g. Push Press 3-3-3-3-3 vs. Diane?

Awesome video, I'll be implementing it.


wrote …

Skull with a middle finger?
Awesome as always, Kelly.
Thank You.


replied to comment from Benjamin Moskowitz

Ben-- Wouldn't be a bad idea to work them all into your warmup if you are going over head or the wod will include shoulder stuff. May be that you spend some time beforehand on shoulder prep if it is an area that you know you need more time to get warmed up, and ready to go and it will only improve your performance on whatever you may be working on for the day.
Excellent as always K*


wrote …

great video Kelly, thanks man!


wrote …

many thanx Kelly, priceless for a home garage junkie like me.


wrote …

Wow, my warmups are way to short! How long would that have taken if it wasn't for the video edit? Just wondering. I guess thats why my shoulders sound like cement mixers.


wrote …

Really good stuff! Truth be told, i was a little tired after just watching the WARMUP! LOL

Now I gotta rewind and take notes!


wrote …

This stuff is like gold. Kelly you're the man, really appreciate the knowledge. Thanks to CFJ for sharing this with us!


wrote …

Perfection in simplicity; thanks-

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