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Ropes and Rifles: The Ranger Challenge Part 2 by Duke University Blue Devil Eagle Battalion - CrossFit Journal

Ropes and Rifles: The Ranger Challenge Part 2

By Duke University Blue Devil Eagle Battalion

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January 23, 2010

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In Part 2 of this series, the Ranger Challenge team from Duke University competes in a series of events designed to test their skills.

Trained by Maj. Shane Finison, an Army ROTC instructor at Duke and a coach at CrossFit Durham, the squad will be relying on their military education and CrossFit training to get them through events including a hand-grenade assault course, land navigation test and standard Army PT test.

The Ranger Challenge is a tremendously competitive event for ROTC athletes, and it’s packed with pressure to perform. Ambitious cadets know that every aspect of their four-year college performance factors into the job they get in the U.S. Army, so they’re eager to give their best at the Ranger Challenge.

In Part 3, the team hits the gruelling 10K march with a rifle and a 35-lb. pack. It’s the final event and perhaps the most physically challenging one of all.

Video by Again Faster.

11min 56sec

Additional reading: The Panther Recon Downrange Gym by 1st Lt. Matthew Hoff, published Sept. 20, 2009.

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6 Comments on “Ropes and Rifles: The Ranger Challenge Part 2”


wrote …

you don't do the rope bridge over water?


wrote …

Hmm, are we back to limited range of motion pushups now or were the impressions just from the test (which would make the test pretty much useless)... just a thought


wrote …

The military pushup depth standard is upper arm parallel to the ground. No need to touch the ground.


replied to comment from Roland Jungwirth

yeah, break "parallel" is the standard. and you are right, the Army Physical Fitness Test (APFT) is basically useless.


replied to comment from Gregory Halmi

Of course, the exact definition of "parallel" rests with the grader...and some are **very** generous!

I've really enjoyed seeing these videos. Brings back good memories; sometimes I wish I could go back and do it all over again!


wrote …

I've seen the rope bridge competition performed across a creek, through a ravine and as you saw this year, now on flat ground. It all comes down to land and pole/tree availability and the logistics for the setup of the competition. Multiple lanes had to be in action simultaneously and they needed to be standardized.

I echo Gregory, Lara and Latham's comments on the range of motion for the push-ups. All are correct.

Thanks for your interest in the competition!

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