Pose Drills

By Dr. Nicholas Romanov

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January 27, 2010

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As with any CrossFit movement, technical proficiency can be the catalyst for more productive, more efficient application of force in your training and competition.

Dr. Nicholas Romanov, inventor of the Pose Method for running, bases his training on the simple concept that gravity can be your friend. Gravity is a constant force, and the best runners don’t fight it but rather position their bodies so gravity can do some of the work for them.

At a special seminar at the University of San Diego, Romanov demonstrated the correct running position by giving athletes the sensation of falling, and he reinforced that feeling through several drills. By introducing the athletes to the unique feeling of falling under control, Romanov believes they will be able to change their mechanics and learn the proper position for the most efficient stride.

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Additional reading: Training 2 Miles to Run 100 by Greg Amundson, published Feb. 19, 2009.



6 Comments on “Pose Drills”


wrote …

I find these Pose Method videos so interesting. I have to give this drill a try.


wrote …

That's brilliant teaching: simple drills that illustrate key concepts effectively.


wrote …

More please.


wrote …

Are there other movents that mimic the hip flexion drill (the last one in the video) that one can do alone? Great video, I like hearing Dr. Romanov speak.


wrote …

More like this please. Would love more running strength exercises or running weakness tests in the journal

Also, what am I looking for in the press up/hip raise? I had a friend do this and basically couldn't feel the resistance. By the end, he was sitting on me and being thrown in air (i'm around 220 lbs and he's around 180).


wrote …

Having now attended the cert, this video seems all the more informative, great review of the learning points.

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