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Spanish Med-Ball Clean by Maggie Dabe - CrossFit Journal

Spanish Med-Ball Clean

By Maggie Dabe

In Exercises, Videos

January 06, 2010

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Maggie Dabe from CrossFit Fairfax is one of CrossFit HQ’s traveling seminar trainers. Originally from Ecuador, she explains our standard cues and faults for the med-ball clean entirely in Spanish.

The med-ball clean builds upon the sumo deadlift high pull by teaching an athlete how to explosively elevate an object and then drop underneath it to receive the load in a rack position. The med-ball clean itself is a gateway to the clean and the snatch with objects such as kettlebells, barbells and dumbbells.

To perform the med-ball clean, place your feet at about shoulder width, with the ball between them. Use the same starting position as you would use in a deadlift: weight in the heels, lumbar curve maintained, shoulders over the load, arms straight.

To execute the movement, drive through the heels with power, fully extending the hips and knees and shrugging hard at the top of the motion. As soon as full extension is reached, quickly pull yourself down and receive the load with a rigid core in a front-squat position. To complete the med-ball clean, stand all the way up before lowering the ball to the ground.

Common faults include slow movement, lack of full hip extension and “curling the ball” with the arms instead of driving it upward with momentum generated by the hips.

This series is our first venture into foreign-language instruction in a video. The rest of the nine core movements will be included.

Maggie Dabe explica el envión con la pelota medicinal en Español.

Video by Again Faster.

13min 03sec

Additional reading: Learning How to Do Full Cleans by Bill Starr, published Nov. 18, 2009.

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5 Comments on “Spanish Med-Ball Clean”


wrote …

Nicely done, Mags. You rock. I'm stealing the put your hands at 5 and 7, not 3 and 9 cue. Thanks!


Jaime Arashiro wrote …

Many thanks again Maggie.

I think that the word "Envión" is for the entire Clean & Jerk.
"Primera parte de envión" (first part of the clean) is the clean.
"Segunda parte de envión" (second part of the clean) is the jerk.
Then, "Envión" would be for the entire C&J.

In Spanish (in Peru at least) we prefer the English word "clean". Some people has "castellanizado" the word and they write "clin". In some countries they say "cargada" to the clean, but it always refers just to the first part of the lift -the clean.

I am not sure should in other areas people say "envion" to mean the clean only.


wrote …

You are right Jaime. There is not a word for the "clean" by itself. El "envion" is for the entire "clean & jerk". Some people use it for the clean and for the clean and jerk, it depends where you are from.


wrote …

En España los Weightlifters dicen "Cargada" para referirse al Clean y "Envion" para el Jerk. PD: Gracias por tu trabajo de traduccion de los movimientos elementales del CrossFit, es de grandisima ayuda.


wrote …

Muchas gracias Magie por los videos en español, acabo de encontrarlos de casualidad y me son de mucha utilidad, gracias!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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