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January 03, 2010

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Trying to beat their PE teacher at something is a rite of passage for many kids, but few at Quakertown Community Senior High School will ever beat the World’s Fittest Woman in a push-up contest.

Tanya Wagner
is an outstanding athlete who finished second in the 2008 CrossFit Games before winning it all in 2009. She’s also a PE teacher at Quakertown High in Pennsylvania. Together with her husband Josh, also a PE teacher who competed in the 2009 Games, Tanya spends her days teaching kids about fitness before heading to the couple’s box—CrossFit Apex—to train athletes in the evenings.

In this documentary, Carey Peterson gives us a closer look at the always ebullient Games champ and her hectic day-to-day life as a teacher, CrossFit trainer and wife. Along the way, Tanya talks about getting kids in shape, the trials of the 2009 Games and whether or not she’ll compete in 2010.

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28 Comments on “Life After the Games: The Tanya Wagner Documentary”


wrote …

Great video!

Tanya is just so freaking cool. Thanks for giving us this glimpse.


wrote …


Congratulations for finding one very genuine character. Fascinating.

My middle school gym teacher, Mr Nelson, would be very proud of Tanya.

What would life be like if Tanya was your gym teacher?



wrote …

Amazing video. Congratulations Tanya. You're a true inspiration to all of us.


Rich Vos wrote …

Tanya, you're hilarious! Great video. "Solid."


wrote …

Great Video!
Congrats Tanya.

p.s. The padlock popped open, when you where locking the "bicep curl" room.


wrote …

Sevan and Carey THANK YOU GUYS for all that you have done for Tanya and myself as well as the CrossFit Community. We absolutely LOVED this documentary as well as all of the games footage you have been posting the past few weeks. Your work is very appreciated amoungst all of CrossFit Apex and the entire CF community. Keep up the great work We love watching it all!! I must say it is quite nice being married to the fittest female on the planet. Will Tanya compete at the 2010 games? I still don't know. As of right now we are working to compete as a CrossFit Apex team but you never know how the cards will play out.


wrote …

I can't overemphasize enough how pleased I am with both the men's and the women's champs of the CF Games. I'm a huge Tanya fan. She is a great athlete and a truly nice person. It was awesome to watch her do her thing at the Games. Best of luck to her in the future no matter what path she chooses.


wrote …

Love how Tanya's ball of energy contrasts Mikko's cool zen like personality. Great videos.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Tanya, congrats! Those are loooong, Hard days.....

I was an elementary PE teacher for 11 years. The last 2 had me working from 9 - 4, then running my gym from 5 - 8, then training till 9 pm then getting home.

I was barely seeing my family and it was KILLING me.

Plus....a HUGE thing was that admin. was horrible.

I see how the schools have less power regarding doing the "right" thing.

Hard work is frowned upon by kids, and so when parents complain you can lose a job or be reprimanded. Yet.... owning my own gym, well, you don't work hard, you're gone.

Parents complain... they're gone.

Tanya's school looks great...... I wish her the best and hope they remain supportive of everything she does, too often the public schools don't realize who or what they have!

Kick Ass, Tanya!



wrote …

Tanya is the real deal, all the way around.

Best of luck with whatever road you choose, and with all that you and Josh have going for you. Your school is lucky to have you, and they'll be fortunate to keep you. You're the kind of person that everyone wishes they had on their team.

Have fun!


wrote …

Tanya is awesome. Not better combination than humility and unlimited ability. Thanks.


wrote …

Love these videos.....Keep them coming !


wrote …

Tanya, thanks for representing MontCo so well! I showed my wife your video last night and she could not believe that the Fittest Woman in the World lived so close to us(Pottstown). Even though it's been said before I believe that it can't be said enough...You Rock!!


wrote …

Well done and keep up the good work transitioning kids from fat (or just a little too soft) to fit! I certify in this month and will be assisting to start CrossFit Littleton's kids program. Not a day goes by where I don't wish that CrossFit was around 20 years ago...


wrote …

Excellent video!


wrote …

Great video! It was cool to be at the same level 1 cert as you (Malvern Prep, February '09). Good luck to both you and Josh!


Olivia de Santis wrote …

Great video - would have liked to hear more about Tanya's programming but it was super interesting to meet the woman behind the epic performance. Her energy levels are stunning. Thanks to all who made this happen.


Cody Limbaugh wrote …

I love Tanya! Always have. Its refreshing to see someone down-to-earth with the moxy to get the job done!
That said, as an affiliate, I was so RELIEVED to see that its not just me. Cody and I struggle to find work out time of our own so often! Not to mention, time to sleep..... :)
I homeschool our three kids(although one's now in college) and Cody is up at the butt crack of dawn creating excellence at our box. Then we trade out in the afternoon for "paperwork" time for him while I train....daunting to say the least.
Sevan, making this documentary brings a realism I can't explain. Thanks for allowing us to be a little Oregonian part of a world of AWESOMENESS!


replied to comment from Cody Limbaugh

Hi Cody!

I am glad you enjoyed the Tanya Wagner Doc!. Carey Peterson was the brains and the braun behind this edit!



wrote …

Wow...Tanya's a hero. Thru and thru.
Way to live your life guys. Inspiring :)



wrote …

Wow!! What an inspiring video. Tanya is not only the fittest woman but also the most grounded and giving person to all those around her!! Thank you for this amazing video. It was very well done and captured the very true person that Tanya stands for. Tanya you are THE role model.


wrote …

WOW! Excellent docs about the champions Tanya and Mikko. After watching these and some other videos I noticed two things:

First one is that it's interesting how two people with exactly opposite personalities can achieve the same goal. Tanya is a ball of energy, everything she does is at full speed, even when she talks. And always setting up competitions at her affiliate gym or at her job as a PE teacher. Mikko in the other hand is full of calm and serenity. He described himself as non competitive.

Second one is that it's funny that neither Tanya nor Mikko wanted to compete at CF Games 2009. Tanya decided to compete just to proof herself that her 2nd place at last year games wasn't a fluke. Mikko thouth he wasn't good enough. His coach convinced him to try out a Regional after comparing his WOD times against other well known crossfitters.

In resume these tell me two things: that I don't have to be the same as other people in order to achieve the same goal; and that I should try out anything I want to achieve, even if I'm not sure I can do it.


wrote …

Great video! Tanya is hilarious as well as a amazing athlete :0)


wrote …

Great insight into Tanya & Josh's very full lives. Makes her achievement all the more amazing. Thought the little memory book her sister and mother did was unbelievably sweet and shows what they think about her. For someone who's reached a great pinnacle it was very open of Tanya to also show some of her self doubts and her battles with her mental game even after such great feats. I hope that one day she gets her dream of being able to teach crossfit full time!


wrote …

WOW this is amazing. And my names on the white board... weiiiird!
You're not only the most fit woman in the world but also the best gym teacher / trainer ever.


wrote …

Wonderful documentary, Carey - thanks for putting this together!

Tanya's performance at the Games was amazing, but even more mind boggling (to me) is how she manages to be a top athlete and also lead a life with many many other priorities. Truly inspiring.


wrote …

One thing that I love about CrossFit is that it so applicable to daily life. Not just the functional movements but the mental aspects involved with most any action we perform.

Tanya spoke a lot on her mental feelings after the Games and how her body reacted to a simple run or WOD weeks after the Games were finished. I play college baseball and looking back to high school, I was a part of a state championship baseball team and the same feelings she was experiencing I could relate to. I would be hitting in the cages and not fully realize that the last season was over and we had finished on top.

This video just goes to prove that CrossFit is more than a workout to get in better shape. It exposes and prepares you for feelings that you may/will incounter in real life situations. GREAT video by CrossFit! One of the best!

P.S. Tanya is amazing for exposing Crossfit to high school kids who, in this day and age overrun by video games and movies, really need physical activity implimented in their lives.


wrote …

Awesome video! My ultimate goal is to become a trainer and own my own gym so this has helped fuel my fire even more!
I teach K-8 PE and I began introducing CF to my students this fall. They really like the variety of the workouts.
It is wonderful seeing what Tanya is doing for her students; they are lucky to have her for a teacher!

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