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January 04, 2010

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In early December 2009, Chris Spealler visited CrossFit Sri Ram Ashram, an orphanage outside of Haridwar, India. Home to 65 abandoned children, the orphanage has a CrossFit program courtesy of Rashmi Cole, who first trained at CrossFit Santa Cruz before taking the program back to India.

Though their Internet access is limited, the kids took a huge interest in last year’s CrossFit Games. They studied all the athlete profiles and found a special interest in Chris Spealler, a great trainer and one of the nicest guys in CrossFit. He’s also a lot closer to their size than any other top athlete, and he proved that size didn’t have to be a disadvantage in CrossFit.

In this video, Spealler teaches a group of orphans the thruster, breaking it down into a front squat and a push press. Then it’s time for a five-round WOD consisting of a 200-meter run followed by 10 dumbbell thrusters and 10 box jumps.

If you would like to know more about Sri Ram Ashram or donate much-needed equipment, contact Rashmi Cole.

8min 42sec

Additional reading: CrossFit in the Ashram by Rashmi Cole, published Jan. 19, 2009.

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11 Comments on “The Thruster: Instruction in India”


wrote …

Okay, this is just awesome. Speal is a class act for sure.


wrote …

Nicely presented! Quite the teacher. I think I learned as much as the kids.


wrote …

Rashmi, you are so awesome!! I hear there is quite a story behind getting that rower to India. Would love to hear it. Keep up the great work!!


wrote …

great video, great teacher, and a class act all around. love it!


wrote …

Awesome idea and well-presented series. Thanks, guys!


Cole Rashmi wrote …

When all was said and done, besides the awesome training, the demonstrations of supreme fitness, the fun and games, what I will always be grateful for is that our children had the opportunity to have Chris Spealler as their example. Imagine these children from a rural area of India, with strikes against them from birth, many surviving horrendous abuse, spending time with such a phenomenal athlete and person. Spealler is their bench mark now, throughout the ashram, I hear "Coach said this, Spealler Bhai did that". His visit is something they will always remember.
Once again, thank you to HQ, Coach Spealler, Sevan and to everyone who helped make this trip happen.
Crossfit Sri Ram Ashram

P.S. The rower came from Delhi, 120 miles away. And yes, it was high drama getting it to the ashram through torrential monsoons that stranded the train I was on. Everything is an event over here!


wrote …

What an awesome inspiration! Thank you Chris Speallar for great instruction. Cole Rashmi, we need more people like you.


wrote …

That was awesome! That is a fine group of future all stars right there! Right on!!!


wrote …

Speal,Always impressive! Teacher, Athlete,Human Being.
Rashmi and Sevan you both are awesome as well thanks to all CFHQ too.


wrote …

Rashmi, you're doing a great job by introducing CrossFit to kids who haven't had the best opportunities and are underprivileged. As someone who was born and raised in India, I can understand the obstacles you must have faced and overcome for this to happen. I'm a firm believer that physical fitness contributes to all other aspects of life and goes a long way in making a person successful. While explaining Karma Yoga, Krishna in Gita said that the soul cannot exist if the body is without motion and it is the duty of everyone to be active, and engage in work.
Someday, I hope to start my own CrossFit in the desert state of Rajasthan and offer free coaching to kids less than 18 years old. India has a vast pool of kids having high cardiorespiratory endurance who are naturally flexible and can benefit tremendously with strength training added. This will convert many of them into great athletes which can be a tool for poverty alleviation, at least at a small scale.
Keep up the good work, I hope Chris visits that ashram more. He is a source of inspiration to everyone, including myself.


wrote …

This is what the community really is all about.

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