An Introduction to the New Coaches Prep Course

By Nicole Carroll and Chris Spealler

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February 12, 2010

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In the past, working with athletes was the best way to bridge the time between a Level 1 and a Level 2 cert. There’s still no substitute for hands-on experience, but trainers looking to hone their skills further now have another resource: the Coaches Prep Course.

A two-day experience, the course is structured to make good trainers great and can be tremendously helpful even for coaches who aren’t planning to take the Level 2 or those who already have the designation. Training and performing the nine fundamental movements are emphasized at the seminar, but trainers will also learn more about coaching styles, fault identification, programming, class management and creating a culture of success.

In this video, CrossFit Co-Director of Training Nicole Carroll talks about what participants can expect at the course, and top athlete and coach Chris Spealler shows attendees how to break movement down and precisely correct faults.

For more information or to register for this course, visit

7min 23sec

Additional reading: You be the Trainer #5 by Ames et. al., published Jan. 26, 2010.

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13 Comments on “An Introduction to the New Coaches Prep Course”


wrote …

This looks great. I have been wanting to go to one of these and now I want to even more. Maybe one in the Midwest soon???


wrote …

I have to comment to all the video guys, your production value is progressing through the roof. Consistently. Nice job!!!


wrote …

ummm...Toronto? SOON PLEASE???


wrote …

Florida! Florida! its warm! come soon!


Grace Patenaude wrote …

Awesome Course!
Stafford TX, pretty please!


wrote …

So, when is the next L2?


wrote …

Great Box! Where is this being held?


wrote …

This was held at the University of San Diego where the Second Annual CrossFit Certification Trainer Summit was held last weekend.


Ashley Denton wrote …

Yeah, so when is the next L2? Why not just make L2 a longer cert and pack more of this in there? L1, plus this, plus L2 is a LOT of money.


Damon Stewart wrote …

Ashley, it's my understanding the the L2 will now only be a 1 day test with this replacing the 2 day format of the L2. Regarding the price it's much better value than the 9 month course in my area that churns out unemployable personal trainers who can't move or teach people to move at a price of 3-4K.


Ashley Denton wrote …

thanks damon. i had a feeling that some restructuring must be taking place just b/c a L2 hasn't been posted in a while.


wrote …

The LEvel 2 Prep was held at CrossFit USD. Check it out at


wrote …

hola amigos de crossfit quiciera saber como hago para asistir a un seminario de certificacion de crossfit level 1 ya que estoy muy interesada en participar y formar parte de esta gran comunidad...
desde ya les agradesco por la atencion que le den a este mensaje

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