CrossFit Radio, Episode 105

By Justin Judkins

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February 03, 2010

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Episode 105 of CrossFit Radio was webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Feb. 3, 2010, and featured Justin Berg and Jeff Martin.

Host Justin Judkins began the show by reminding former elite and college athletes to contact him if they have made CrossFit their new avenue of competition.

5:14 Affiliate owner Justin Berg (CrossFit SS) recently joined the CrossFit Games staff as Assistant Director, and he came on the show to speak about the responsibilities associated with this position. Justin has an extensive background in sports management, and he discussed how he is using his unique experiences to enhance the way the Games will run. According to Justin, the future of the Games is very bright and CrossFitters can expect this year’s event to trump last year’s fantastic competition.

32:40 Jeff Martin and his wife Mikki founded CrossFit Kids and CrossFit Brand X, and Jeff will be at FilFest 2010 to speak about working with diverse populations. For those wondering what FilFest is all about, Jeff talked about the gathering and how he has walked away with ideas that had an immediate impact on his business. Jeff also talked about the CrossFit Kids program, the certs and how affiliate owners are able to use the training to add a new dimension to their affiliate—and their bottom line. Jeff concluded by explaining the lesson plans CrossFit Kids makes available to home schoolers, P.E. teachers and health teachers.

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6 Comments on “CrossFit Radio, Episode 105”


wrote …

Cool show, as always. Just the thing to cheer me up when I'm sick and shouldn't work out. I loved hearing about Crossfit Kids - my kids are in a Crossfit class and it's like physical therapy for them.

How about some interviews with Loren Cordain, author of the Paleo Diet? And Primal Body-Primal Mind author Nora Teresa Gedgaudas. She is not as well known, but wrote this book for her biofeedback clients and she explains the biochemical concepts rather well.


wrote …

hey JJ,
another great show! keep up the good work.
-listener #7


wrote …


Thanks for having me brother. Let me know if there is every anything I can help with.

All the best,



wrote …

Justin - it was an honor and you are welcome on the show anytime. Pat - thanks and I was wondering who # 7 was. Vanessa - I will work on it and thanks for the heads up. I'm not sure I'm smart enough to interview a biochemist but I will try.


wrote …

Another great show and great interviews with Justin and Jeff. Wow I can't wait for the games this year! To be able to see power output on a live competitor with detailed stats on all the different fitness parameters, thats sick!


wrote …

Just started listening to the show. Good stuff, need some work on the audio levels between you and the call in guests but love the info. I am head high school football coach and former athlete. I played football in high school and college as well as wrestled and was a thrower in track back in HS. I use to race mountain bikes for years after college and find the CrossFit community very similar to the MTB community. My wife and I like the competition aspect of MTB and now I need to get her into the crossfit. I got board of the basic workout structures (upper body, lower body, cardio) and started crossfit in 2004. Coach Bergner trained me in the O lifts in 97 and this is how I found crossfit. I loved the workouts but I fell off the wagon in 2005 and have now just finished the On Ramp programing and working towards my 6th week of crossfit. I love it and the changes since 04/05 are huge. The scaling makes it a nice fit for anyone, this is something in which I didn't know much about in 04/05. I have listened to about 5 podcasts so far and love the info. I teach as well and would love to develop a crossfit curriculum for high school students. I was very close to buying the equipment with a grant but the money was put into our general fund when budget cuts came last year and it is now gone. :( Great podcast and keep up the good work.


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