CrossFit Radio, Episode 107

By Justin Judkins

In Coaching, Radio, Rowing

February 17, 2010

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CrossFit Radio host Justin Judkins interviewed the World’s Fittest Female, Tanya Wagner, and Tennessee Tech University strength and conditioning coach Chip Pugh on Episode 107, webcast live at 6 p.m. PDT on Wednesday, Feb. 17, 2010.

2:14 Tanya Wagner is the reigning CrossFit Games champion, and she also owns CrossFit Apex with her husband Josh. Tanya came on the show to offer a sneak peak into her upcoming FilFest 2010 presentation, a speech titled “Firebreathing Success.” She also talked about competing in the CRASH-B World Indoor Rowing Championships held recently in Boston. She turned in a 2K time of 7:25 and gave an account of her experience, along with some great rowing technique tips.

27:00 As the owner of CrossFit Cookeville and CrossFit Faith and the head strength and conditioning coach for the Tennessee Tech University Golden Eagles, Chip Pugh is busy, but he was able to come on the show and discuss how he uses CrossFit to enhance his athletes’ performance. Chip talked about his journey as a believer in the CrossFit methodology, explaining how CrossFit isn’t just an exercise program but a way of life. To give back to the community, Chip created the unique website CrossFit Faith.

52:16 Justin ended the show by reading an essay from CrossFit Verve owner Matt Chan about what CrossFit means to him and how hard it is to express that to a stranger.

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