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From Athlete to Coach by Robert Ord - CrossFit Journal

From Athlete to Coach

By Robert Ord

In Coaching

February 12, 2010

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Being a great athlete is no guarantee you’ll be a great trainer. Robert Ord offers tips for those looking to make the transition.

For anyone who has been a part of the CrossFit community for very long, it is obvious that the number of CrossFit affiliates has been growing at an incredible rate.

Some have taken exception to this growth, claiming the rapid expansion has caused the deterioration of the CrossFit brand. It has been my experience, however, that the recent explosion of affiliates is directly related to the number of athletes who have employed the method successfully and desire to share it with others. I believe that with the application of some basic training principles, they can effectively transition from successful athlete to successful coach.

A good coach understands that training athletes requires more than just doing hard workouts, although hard workouts certainly have their place. Good training requires an understanding of, and adherence to, basic principles of physiological adaptation, as well as the psychological aspects of educating and motivating athletes.

Becoming a great coach starts with mastering the basics—technical accuracy and an understanding of intensity, stimulus and response, competition, programming—and involves building a community. For those who succeed and rise to a high degree of effectiveness, coaching stokes an ever-burning fire within. The best coaches are hungry for knowledge and willing to try new things, and they seek out every opportunity to sit at the feet of a master.

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6 Comments on “From Athlete to Coach”


wrote …

In think this is an excellent article on coaching. You have caught all of the necessary elements! I plan to use this as mandatory reading for all of my trainers.


wrote …

Rob Ord is the man and Crossfit Fort Vancouver rocks! Great journal.


Paul Whitteker wrote …

Rob - This was inspiring. Thanks for sharing this with all of us!


Monique Ames wrote …

great article! I even followed the links to Full Mission Profile... very interesting and looks like "fun". I hope more people read this coaching article.


Adam Neiffer wrote …

Thank You Rob,
Inspiring words to stay hungry, constantly strive to improve, and never be satisfied. Even better-how to make it happen by putting theory into action. Thanks for a solid foundation surrounded by four walls and a ceiling as high as we choose to build it.


wrote …

Rob - Always a fan. -DN

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