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CrossFit and Strongman by Kurtis Bowler - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit and Strongman

By Kurtis Bowler

In Sports Applications, Videos

February 05, 2010

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You could argue that picking up a stone or other awkward object is even more functional and realistic than picking up a barbell, so it’s no surprise some CrossFit affiliates are integrating strongman movements into their WODs.

Kurtis Bowler of Rainier CrossFit is a strongman competitor and one of the first affiliate owners, and he’d love to see stone shouldering or tire flipping thrown into the occasional main-site WOD. At his box he regularly adds strongman movements to his WODs, and he’s even got a named workout—Olga—that provides one hell of a challenge.

Strongman can be a specialist’s sport complete with all sorts of gear, but in its purest form, it’s just about strength and determination. CrossFitters have a surplus of both, and Bowler especially enjoys the open-minded approach CrossFitters take toward strongman WODs: “Let’s get some!”

Video by Again Faster.

7min 41sec

Additional reading: KingKonggg KingKonggg by Rob Orlando, published Nov. 3, 2008.

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5 Comments on “CrossFit and Strongman”


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

Love to see more strongman stuff.

I think there is more to the performance gains regarding strongman, it's also the mental toughness one derives from this training, and, it doesn't have to be maximal effort, HUGE weights either.

Just the mere fact that we put people in uncomfortable / challenging situations is critical.



wrote …

Another vote for strongman stuff. I'd love to see Zach, Kurtis, and Rob do a Crossfit Strongman Training Seminar


wrote …

Holy crap, I don't know if I could do Olga in less than half an hour...


wrote …

Great stuff and very "real world." I don't have an atlas stone, but it always blows me away how much harder it is to move a sandbag than a barbell of the same weight.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Thanks Kurtis!
We have started Strongman 101 classes at CrossFit Gulf Coast, and it is taking off!

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