Answering the Belltown

By Nadia Shatila

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February 09, 2010

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CrossFit Headquarters trainer Nadia Shatila has been on a crash course with CrossFit. While her work in non-profits was rewarding, she always found she was missing something, and her athletic background, love of group dynamics and passion for community were perfect for the CrossFit training environment.

“I always thought I wanted the corner office and a power suit, but most of my time was spent online browsing CrossFit,” she says.

The first opportunity to make a living doing what she really loved came in the form of training at a local big-box gym. In early 2009 she had formed a solid crew of CrossFitters at the big box, and by September they were kicked out. Apparently management didn’t have a sense of humor about a pile of flimsy “fitness bars” that had bent after being stacked unforgivingly with weight.

The pressure was on: Shatila’s clients needed somewhere to go, so Nadia opened CrossFit Belltown and brought the vibe of old-school training to a modern city.

“I knew there were certain things that I wanted, and it all sort of fell together after that,” she recalls.

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Additional reading: How to Succeed as a CrossFit Affiliate by Jeremy Thiel, published Jan. 1, 2010.

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40 Comments on “Answering the Belltown”


Rich Vos wrote …

Absolutely love the setup, Nadia. The old-time feel with some high-tech lighting and gadgets make it seem new but functional. Love the TV with the slideshow too. Very impressed. I'd say "good luck," but it already looks like you've done quite well. Keep at it!


wrote …

Way to go Nadia! I'm proud of you!


wrote …

Wow, beautiful gym. Seattle seems has a touch of class to it


wrote …

I can't wait to check this out next time I'm in Seattle!


wrote …

Nadia, Marry Me.


wrote …


Great job! You finally broke off on your own, opened your own box, and chose your path in life. You are an amazing trainer, coach, athlete, and friend. I wish you nothing but the best.


wrote …


Congratulations! You are a great athlete and have been very helpful to me, especially through teaching me the kipping pull-up. Also, thanks for the advice about not working at your old place. All the best to you and your business



Austin @Unlimited wrote …

Cool video of your story and box Nadia. I'm glad you made the leap out of corporate world into CrossFit world. It's people like you that make CrossFit a better community. I feel lucky to work with you side by side and learn from a great coach and person!


Jesse Gray wrote …

Very cool box, it almost reminds me of an art gallery more than a gym (not a bad thing). Your environment certainly has an effect on your workout and that's a unique take on a CF box that others could learn from.


Jason Khalipa wrote …

Awesome box!! I am very happy things have gone so well for you. Our conversations on this stuff are always fun, I love hearing how you are doing.

See you at a cert soon!


wrote …

Schweeeeet, Nadia! Your Box is so Steampunk, love it all the way. Love working with you, and you are one of the most genuine people I've ever met.



wrote …

You bent all the globo-bars!? Good for you!

CFBT has great character. Congrats, Nadia.


wrote …


it is super cool to see this vid of u navigating your success.
wondered where u been/what u been up to after your posts on the comments page got less and less frequent.

you have been an inspiration since i first ventured into crossfit shenanigans. i hope that our paths will cross one day (and that i won't turn into an awkward antisocial d-bag in that moment).

keep kickin a$$ :-)

~ clever


wrote …

great looking gym!!! keep up the good work!


wrote …

Great lady, great trainer, great gym; keep up the amazing work Nadia, so stoked for you!


wrote …

Me so happy for us, the gym and everything you've done to bring the members back together! Love you.


wrote …

This is a great story. I'd love to hear "the how" of your gym. Meaning what kinds of equipment did you start out with and how much? Basic start up stuff.


wrote …

Great story great trainer! Best of luck Nadia!


wrote …

Nadia, great interview and setup! Coming from someone who will be looking to get back into the business this is really inspiring.


wrote …

Thanks for all the nice comments on the gym guys!

Glen- please come by next time you are in seattle. I'd love to have you.

Kristan!!! i never got to tell you congrats on the games girl! You are a beast and I am so proud of you! I'll be back posting on the main site soon. After I got kicked out I was kind of SOL equipment wise so I deviated quite a bit from mainpage. That will change soon!

Thomas- if you have any questions feel free to shoot me an email, I can rundown some great equipment I got from Again Faster. They are the best. I had a tight budget and they worked with me and offered suggestions on equipment, where to splurge and where I could save. They offer the best service around!



Daniel Staton wrote …

What a cool box, unique concept! You stay classy Nadia. Next time we come over the mountains we'll check it out, congrats!


wrote …

Gorgeous gym, I love your aesthetic!


wrote …

Your place has a very unique style and vibe to it. Nice job of making it your own. Love the frosted windows and old posters - what a touch! The combo of such a cool place and a fantastic trainer make Belltown the real deal.


wrote …

Awesome Nadia! I will always remember my Level 1 Cert as you and Austin helped me reach a new PR during the Fran workout!


wrote …

What a great looking gym! I'm so pleased that you've taken the leap. There's nothing like working for yourself. Best of luck!



wrote …

I never met you Nadia but I want to thank you for
inspiring and helping us all on the CrossFit road.

Congrats on the new box! Keep up the great job!

I never felt like visiting Seattle but now I have a reason :)


wrote …

Great video! Anyone who gets to train with Nadia is so lucky!! Congrats Nadia no your success!!


wrote …

Best looking box ever, no question. Way to go Nadia.


EC S wrote …

that box is TIGHT!

congratulations, nadia. love it.


Damon Stewart wrote …

Beautiful, I love the space. Great work and good luck with your Affiliate.


wrote …

Can't put my finger on why, but that might be the most perfect CF video of its kind.

Best of luck Nadia. You've got a great presence and a beautiful location for it to shine from.


wrote …

Super inspirational. It's awesome to see someone step out from what they have been doing to do something they are passionate about. That's the stuff dreams are made of.


wrote …

Outstanding video and box. Huge congrats to you Nadia! Your story that you tell in the video is inspirational. Keep transforming the people of Belltown and Seattle. We are lucky to know and count you and Eric as friends. Seeya guys soon!


wrote …

Congrats Nadia! What an inspiring piece and beautiful space you are in. Rock on!


wrote …

Sharp looking gym. Good luck.


wrote …

Awesome box Nadia! We wish you nothing but the best!!!!


Matthew Swift wrote …

Nadia, come back to Oz, we miss you!! Your box looks fantastic! Well done, I am so excited for you.


wrote …

Aesthetically pleasing... The perfect place to let the body and its senses to elevate their potential! Your gym is a piece of art, just like its master: UNIQUE!


wrote …

Nadia, You braved a tremendous storm. Congrats - you have an awesome place to build a community.


wrote …

Great video, very inspirational and comforting. My journey sounds very similar and I also am in the process of starting an affiliate. I did the business thing, Globo Gym trainer thing and now trying to follow my passion (CrossFit). Thank you Nadia for sharing and congrats on your sucess!!!

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