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Boz and Todd Do Olga by Kurtis Bowler, Adrian Bozman and Todd Widman - CrossFit Journal

Boz and Todd Do Olga

By Kurtis Bowler, Adrian Bozman and Todd Widman

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February 24, 2010

Video Article

Top CrossFit HQ trainers Adrian Bozman and Todd Widman put in a lot of miles instructing at Level 1 and 2 certs, and they drink in the ideas and training philosophies they encounter along the way.

When Kurtis Bowler of Rainier CrossFit introduced them to a CrossFit/strongman WOD named Olga, they couldn’t resist the challenge. The workout incorporates several strongman training tools and appears to be as brutal as advertised.

3 rounds for time of:

200-meter log carry (165 lb.)
10 log squats (165 lb.)
10 weighted sit-ups (165-lb. plate)
10 push presses (100-lb. atlas stone)
1 rope ascent (17 feet)

Additional video: CrossFit and Strongman by Kurtis Bowler, published Feb. 5, 2010.

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22 Comments on “Boz and Todd Do Olga”


wrote …



wrote …



wrote …

What a savage WOD!


wrote …

"it's alright it's a damn minivan" hahahahahah


wrote …

Anybody see the silly movie "Made of Honor" where Patrick Dempsey heaves the caber into the car in the highland games? That's the image that came to mind.


wrote …

That log weighs more than me!


wrote …

Awesome work, great WOD. I was thinking the same thing about the car- you could almost see the log sticking in the back glass.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

U crazy bastards, now I feel like a sissy after watching this!

Time for redemption! ha ha



Austin @Unlimited wrote …

I really enjoyed watching that. It motivated me to get back lifting some odd objects and even do some odd barbell lifts. I've been stuck with my "comfort" movements too long. Time to get uncomfortable. Thanks. Dave, good job editing.


wrote …

What song was that?


Dane Thomas wrote …

There was a question in the video regarding Atlas Stone clean technique. Bringing the stone into the lap and then rolling it up will be most applicable across a wide range of weights, but if the stone is light enough to bring it straight up to the shoulders in one heave it sure looks faster and more efficient to do it that way.

Have to say that I was surprised to see both of them using their feet on the rope climb. Better safe than sorry, to be sure, but still...


wrote …

Wow, 165lb Plate!!! That's not even fair, I want one!


replied to comment from Miller Benjamin

that was "Hey Mama" by The Black Smokers from


wrote …

The unknown and unknowable makes things scary fun!


wrote …

That looks like so much fun! In a sick and twisted way.


wrote …

"Its alright. It's a damned minivan!" LOL! Ohh man I got a laugh with that. Great WOD. I bet we'll be seeing something like this soon at my box.


wrote …

Somehow that workout looks like a lot of fun, though I probably can't even complete it.


wrote …

Where does one procure a 165lb plate?


wrote …

Carlos and Alexander, make friends with a local steel company. We've had a great relationship with Farwest Steel locally for many years. They've done some custom work for us as well as supplied us with "scrap". Those 165# plates are the leftover middles they cut out of something. They know Kurtis has a special place in his heart for odd, heavy things so they called and said - "Hey, if we drill a 2" hole in the middle could you use it?" For a couple cases of soda they used to come up with all sorts of odd things for us. My personal theory is they just liked watching Kurtis try to load that $#!& in the truck.

BTW, the minivan is alive and well, unfortunately. As soon as the boys grow up I'm getting a sportscar, which I'll park on the other side of the lot.

:) Laurie


wrote …

Thanks for the music info. Great looking WOD. At Unbroken we've been working strongman movements in, but no work with logs yet. We'll have to drag some in this spring.


replied to comment from Dane Thomas

I don't think it was required to do the rope ascents without legs. Using legs makes things easier and less tiring for future rounds/movements doesn't it?


wrote …

I love the use of the medball clean to get the stone to the rack position. Functional movement - just like the cavemen did it!

I am just glad we use 20# dynamax balls at the Level 2 and not the atlas stones, I NEVER would have passed! Boz would have given me a "high zero" for sure!

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