Conquering the Quad Dipsea

By San Francisco CrossFit

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At 28 miles, the Quad Dipsea ultra-marathon is only a little longer than a standard marathon. Then again, most marathons don’t include grueling terrain and over 18,000 feet in elevation change. What better challenge for Team Un-Scared?

Started by Kelly Starrett and the gang at San Francisco CrossFit, Team Un-Scared is for athletes who trust their CrossFit training and boldly register for events in which they have no experience. Fifteen athletes joined Starrett and Brian MacKenzie of CrossFit Endurance for the challenge on Nov. 28, 2009.

In Part 1, Starrett and the other athletes talk about what motivated them to tackle the Quad and how they prepared for the challenge. 2min 58sec

In Part 2, the race is on as the athletes hit the trail. 1min 41sec

Part 3 features the members of Team Un-Scared after they accomplish their goal: completing the Quad Dipsea ultra-marathon. 2min 22sec

Part 4 finds the group back in San Francisco as they talk about recovering from their adventure. 1min 53sec

Additional reading: 100 Miles of Trials by Shane Skowron, published Aug. 15, 2009.

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Part 3:
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14 Comments on “Conquering the Quad Dipsea”


Olivia de Santis wrote …

Yay San Francisco Crossfit! You all rock. Beautifully filmed.


wrote …

Interesting: coconut milk during the race and a body weight wod for recovery. I am so looking forward to the CFE cert in April. I left endurance after the 2009 VB Rock N Roll 1/2 marathon. I've had good strength gains, but now that endurance question is rising again.

Great short series.


wrote …

nice job, last weekend I ran 10 miles just because I felt like running, didn't feel fatigued at all afterwords, it's amazing how crossfit can prepare your body to do such great things


Monique Ames wrote …

Great story!

Leo S.


Hollis Molloy wrote …

GO San Francisco CrossFit! Great Videos of great people. Love Team Un-Scared.


wrote …

Nice Job Team UnScared great video series


wrote …

You guys are awesome!


wrote …


Where can I get a pink team unscared under-armor?

On the same premise, I ran the Power line pass race up here in Alaska: 20k, 3,500 foot elevation gain. My performance was no where near team unscared, but I finished, and was right back in the gym.


wrote …

Awesome job, guys!

Can I be a satellite member of team un-scared?

I'm about to register for a triathlon. Never done one before, and using CFE protocol for preps.

We'll see how it goes...


Michael Minium wrote …

Awesome job by K-Star and the rest of his CFSF crew! A number of us from CrossFit Oakland will actually be joining them in their next Un-Scared challenge, a powerlifting competition in Concord, CA April 24. From one end of the spectrum (28-mile run) to the other (1 rep-max lifting)...that's what CF is about (regularly playing and learning new sports). Can't wait.


wrote …

bad-ass idea.


wrote …

Excellent job to everyone! I just got jacked up to join you!


wrote …

Where do I get a "Team Unscared" pink arm band for sectionals?


wrote …

What was your daily dose of fish oil during recovery and how long did you stay at that level?

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