Strategy, Scaling and Execution: SLC Ding Series, Part 2

By Tommy Hackenbruck, Miranda and Tyson Oldroyd and Chris Spealler

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February 28, 2010

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The trainers have arrived at Ute CrossFit, the athletes have been introduced, and the workout has been announced. In this second installation of the SLC Ding series, it’s time for some workout preparation and planning.

A proper warm-up can prepare an athlete for success and safety within a workout, and it’s also a time to work on technique. By observing the warm-up, the trainer has a moment to assess scaling needs.

In this segment, Tommy Hackenbruck, Chris Spealler, and Miranda and Tyson Oldroyd take their athletes through a number of dynamic movements to prepare them for the day’s work. Speal and the rest of the Utah crew take the time to assess the needs of each individual and tailor the workout around strengths and weaknesses. Pull-ups play a large part in this WOD created by Tony Budding, so after some careful observation, it’s decided that some will have to scale with jumping pull-ups.

Once the strategy is in place, it’s time for the athletes to head out the door and put it to the test. Tune in for the workout in Part 3, coming soon.

7min 14sec

Additional Reading: Scaling Down CrossFit Workouts With Rings by Tyler Hass, published March 1, 2008.

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5 Comments on “Strategy, Scaling and Execution: SLC Ding Series, Part 2 ”


wrote …

What is the name of the song in this video?


wrote …

I'm also in the no static stretching before a workout camp.


Joe Stephens wrote …

there is a place in a therapy enviroment for static stretching of specific muscles before exercise to overcome synergistic dominance, but as a general rule it slow to fast development of dynamics all the way!!!


wrote …

I'd love to see more videos about different dynamic warmups that boxes and/or traienrs do especially the one that spealer has his athletes do. I feel that one of the biggest issue for me is just getting "warm" enough to get into the workout.


wrote …

Great video. I also liked the part covering the different warm-ups. And once again we see what a class act Spealler is! Ready for part 3 please!

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