Portrait of a Flow Master

By Todd Widman

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February 06, 2010

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Todd Widman is a CrossFit HQ “flow master” who can be seen all over North America and around the world at Level 1 and Level 2 certs. A former Marine from Montana, Widman discovered CrossFit in 2005 and fell in love with the program. Todd’s passion for CrossFit soon had him on a path to becoming one of the top trainers at HQ.

In this three-part series, Todd shares his story with the community.

Part 1 features Todd talking about his first experience with CrossFit and eventually going to a Level 1 cert. His first WOD? Elizabeth with power cleans and dips without rings. The result? Todd was totally crushed but utterly impressed. Then it was on to a Level 1 in San Diego.

7min 46sec

In Part 2, Todd talks about how he moved from training elite athletes in the Marine Corps to a few women in his garage to helping out at Level 1 CrossFit certs. Todd’s passion, talent and dedication didn't go unnoticed, and soon he was on his way to becoming an elite coach.

6min 40sec

In Part 3, the flow master describes the transition from certs led by Coach to certs led by an elite group of trainers who worked tirelessly to avoid letting Coach down as they shared his material with the rapidly growing CrossFit community. He closes by talking about how aspiring trainers with outstanding skills can become a part of CrossFit HQ’s traveling certification teams.

10min 23sec

Video by Again Faster.

Additional video: Who Is Boz?, published Oct. 7, 2009.

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29 Comments on “Portrait of a Flow Master”


wrote …

For what ever reason out of all the trainers on the videos on this site, I find Todd the best. Great with the people he is coaching, extremely knowledgeable, but most importantly what he says makes sense. I just really relate well to his cues and comments. Sounds like I'm not the only one.

For people garage crossfitting on the other side of the world (Aus) the trainer videos are invaluable.

Thanks for making them available.


wrote …

Todd I hope to follow in your footsteps one day.


wrote …

Now there's a guy I'd like to have a beer with.


Adam Kayce wrote …

Absolutely. I can't wait for more installments of the Boz & Todd Experience (hint, hint).


wrote …

I had todd, boz, Miranda Oldroy, John Gilson and Chuck Carswell at my level 1 Cert. They are and were an all star crew that weekend. I drove 14 hrs each way to do the cert. and i would do it again, it was that good! And Todd rocks he was on point and did an awsome job. I watch for those guys and girl because I know that they are some of the best Crossfit has.


wrote …

Can anyone elaborate bit further on what Todd meant in part three, when speaking of how to become part of the CFHQ staff, he had mentioned "if you do well" at a cert. and are interested let them know and they'll contact you if they wished? Just performed well in the WOD? I'm confused, any help?


replied to comment from Donny Cooper

Without going back and checking I'm positive he said "If you do well at your Level 2", i.e. demonstrate an above average ability to coach the movements that are taught at an L1.

And yes Todd is a very nice guy. I sat next to him at dinner and he was very good value to talk to.


wrote …

Craig, yes he did say Level 2, my apologies, either way I think I understand now. Thanks for the help. Anyone know who will be teaching the March Level 1 cert. at Eglin AF Base?


wrote …

Todd was an instructor at my Level 1 in Maine. I mentioned to him I had family in Montana, Todd took the time and showed genuine interest in "me" as a person with Montana ties and as a crossfitter, and never let me quit trying to get my muscle up. Top shelf instructor, and nice guy to boot. Crossfit is lucky to have him.


wrote …

The best part about Todd is he remains available(by e-mail) to anyone. After our Level 1 Cert last June, he constantly answered e-mail questions about exercises, movements, coaching, etc. He truly lives and breaths CrossFit and is an outstanding example of a trainer.


wrote …

It trainers like you Todd that make me love Crossfit more and more everyday.


wrote …

I don't know Todd, but I bet if you asked him he'd tell you there are no former Marines.


wrote …

I met Todd in January at the Kids Cert. Extremely quality individual and he is fired up about CrossFit, no doubt! I really enjoyed talking with him during breaks and after the cert finished up. Total asset to the CrossFit Community.


wrote …

Awesome story, sounds like a great dude. I like hearing how other people got interested in Crossfit. For most of us in the Military it the intro starts the same. We all Run, do Calisthenics, and Bodybuild and then we get introduced to CrossFit style workouts and you are instantly hooked by the intensity and the sense of accomplishment.

Doc Davis


wrote …

I love these personality videos. The trainers at the certs are some of the heros of crossfit. They give those of us who attend the ability to take crossfit to another level both for our own training and for any one who we wish to train.

I also think its is very interesting how for so many former "fitness enthusiasts", who thought they were in shape were humbled and at the same time fired up at the discovery of crossfit. I think its important for new people coming to crossfit to remember that even the cert trainers are crossfit nuts just like us.


wrote …

When it comes to writting comments, I'm not one to do it. But after watching that, i have to say you've made me push even harder. I'm getting my CF level 1 in april in mountclair, nj. I hope I can try and enjoy this style of life just as much as you...


wrote …

Truly inspirational. I am in the USMC (0311), wish I could get the Marine Corps to send me to a cert. :)
I have seen Crossfit change lives. Pulling people out of depression and getting them off of medication.
I am eternally grateful to Coach for putting all this wisdom out there. I am in better shape now than when I was in boot camp.


wrote …

Just got chills after watching this. It's like a parallel universe. Thanks for sharing Todd and HQ!


wrote …

Todd is an exceptional human being and asset to the CF community. He is a true leader that motivates everyone he comes in contact with to be just a little bit better. I have learned a tremendous amount from watching him train and lecture. Thanks for all you do, Todd. It is an honor and a privilege to be able to work with you.


wrote …

I don't know what to say Marine? You get it and are definitely on the right road as they say. As a fellow, former Marine, I found CrossFit like you did. I know that it is The Truth, The Light, and The Way to true fitness. I want to change the world too, the same way you articulated it. I hope we get the chance to meet someday.


wrote …

Loved this video, what an asset to CF Todd is.


Frank DiMeo wrote …

Keep up the great work, Todd!


wrote …

Todd, you seem like a hell of a dude. I hope one day I have the pleasure to meet you.


wrote …

I had the opportunity to sit down and have dinner with Todd, Boz and Chuck in Hawaii. It was an experience I will never forget. I can't begin to tell you how impressed I was with all three individuals. They obviously love what they do and it is easy to see why they are so good at it. Several things they all had in common that impressed me the most; Polite, Humble, No Ego, engaging, open to talk on any subject and they know how to listen. In my opinion, these are the critical skills of SUCCESSFUL men and women.
Aloha, Mark


wrote …

Wonderful videos! You are an asset to the Crossfit community. You are the epitome of a thoughtful, caring and considerate individual. Keep up the good work.


Dale Saran wrote …

Brother Widman:

We don't talk enough, but darn glad to see this and hear you tell your story. My honor to work with you in this crazy thing Coach has given us.

Semper fi,



wrote …

This is my very first comment on the website and rightly so. I thoroughly enjoyed the interview with Todd and his passion for CrossFit. I too am a former officer from the USMC and have that lifelong passion for working out and pushing to a threshold beyond normal limits. I have just started the CrossFit way for the past three months but I can truly say that the energy that is back in my approach to fitness has been meteoric. Thanks again Todd and CrossFit community! OOHRAH


wrote …

Todd inspires me every time I am fortunate enough to work with him. Great person to surround yourself with that helps elevate you as a person and not just in fitness. Can’t say enough how honored and blessed we are to have him ‘again’ lead from the front. Crossfit thanks you
hats off Todd!


wrote …

Todd, it was a real eye-opener working with you this weekend. I'm fortunate you were my trainer! Here is the video I mentioned on break http://paleorunners.blogspot.com/2012/01/i-love-easy-to-follow-rules-for-diet.html

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