Learning the Front Lever

By Jeff Tucker

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February 08, 2010

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When Jeff Tucker speaks, he’s passing on two decades of gymnastics instruction—delivered in a friendly southern drawl, of course.

At CrossFit Gymnastics Certifications, Tucker demystifies movements that seem impossible at first, and he emphasizes how the focused strength development in gymnastics movements will carry over and help athletes meet the core stability demands of CrossFit training. Training aside, the ability to move one’s body weight effortlessly and with confidence will transfer over to daily life as well, making gymnastics an important part of any general physical preparedness program.

At a gymnastics certification at CrossFit Butcher’s Lab in Denmark, Tucker teaches the front lever to a group of students. Using a progression of skill-development drills, he makes the highly demanding movement accessible to an athlete of any skill level.

Tucker encourages athletes to train this movement as a skill set, a warm-up or even as a stand-alone workout.

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Additional reading: The Russian’s Gymnastics Warm-Up by Leo Soubbotine, published Nov. 21, 2009.

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5 Comments on “Learning the Front Lever”


Tim Nowaczyk wrote …

Title is wrong. Should be "Learning the *Front* Lever".


wrote …

Nice video, definitely a difficult move to master, compared to the back lever.


Dane Thomas wrote …

Nice work from the Crossfit Nordic Rickard (with Erik on the spot)! Haven't had much time on rings since the 80's, looking forward to having you guys spot me through these once we get the rings hung here in Vasastan.


wrote …

Can't wait for Tucker to come to our neck of the woods-that gymnastic stuff is legit!


wrote …

Jordan & Paula looks like you taught me a little sume'in.. in Ireland- I shot this video. Love ya see ya soon!

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