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After introducing New Zealand All Blacks rugby player Owen Franks to the Burgener Warm-Up, Mike Burgener takes him through high-hang snatches at Mike’s Gym in Bonsall, Calif.

Starting at the top and working down to the floor, Coach B has Franks work the high-hang position. Focusing the athlete, Burgener gives him a goal for the session: keeping his chest up and his weight back on his heels.

Working from the high hang allows Burgener to fine-tune the mechanics of the second and third pulls, as well as the bottom position. Franks is strong and powerful, and his pulls look good—his weakness is in the bottom. With the chink in the armor identified, Burg knows where to go next: overhead squats and snatch balances.

13min 39sec

Additional reading: The Burgener Files VI: The Pocket by Mike Burgener, published Sept. 28, 2009.

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11 Comments on “All Black in Bonsall: The High Hang Snatch”


wrote …

Coach B your the man!


wrote …

Great clip - nice coaching point: to see that time under weight (light) can work that ROM, and increase the entire lift. I'm loving this series.


wrote …

Another good one from Mike Burgener. Thanks


wrote …

BurgenerĀ“s allways good. More!


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Frank DiMeo wrote …

Thanks Coach B!
Nice work Owen!


wrote …

Awesome series! The bottom snatch position is my weakness too.


wrote …

Great video! I can't get enough of Coach B!
Does he have some ideas on how average Crossfitters can fit the Olympic Lifts into a Crossfit training program, in the style of CFStrengthBias. Everett had a program in The PMenu that looked OK, but I would love to see Burgener's ideas in writing. (I just learn better that way.)


replied to comment from Vanessa Pinter

A great article by Coach B, it may answer your prayers!!! ;-)


wrote …

I'm always inspired by coach B....can't wait to get to the gym to practise that bottom position!


wrote …

Amazing series!! Incredibly enlightening!! As a guy who plays rugby and the same position as Owen Franks, this will totally help to expand my training. Thanks Coach B!!!

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