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Beyond the Karate Kid by Tony Blauer - CrossFit Journal

Beyond the Karate Kid

By Tony Blauer

In Combatives, Videos

March 13, 2010

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When facing an assailant, you have a few choices: You can take a lesson from Mr. Miyagi and prepare to unleash a savage crane kick, or you can take a lesson from Mr. Tony Blauer and win the fight.

Blauer is the inventor of the SPEAR System, which teaches people to use their hard-wired startle-flinch response to danger to produce effective counterattacks. By training to use your instinctual reflexes to your advantage, you can give yourself a good chance of surviving an attack.

In this video, Blauer takes a look at how self-consciousness and ego affect the outcome of a fight. During a previous seminar, Blauer effectively illustrated his point by pantsing an attacker who then reached down for his shorts and suddenly found himself receiving simulated headbutts and elbows.

Point made.

5min 38sec

Additional reading: Fight Training Fitness: An Interview With Tony Blauer by Yael Grauer, published Feb. 1, 2007.

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11 Comments on “Beyond the Karate Kid”


wrote …

I always enjoy the Tony Blauer videos.


wrote …

very cool stuff.


Zach Even - Esh wrote …

damn, powerful stuff, coulda used this when I was a bartender / bouncer at a shot and beer joint back in my early 20's.

a few fights busted out and looked like the movie, road house

tony is the man!



wrote …

I would like to see Tony Blauer vs KungFu Panda battle.
Like AC said I enjoy watching Tony's video.


wrote …

Very well put, too many people don't think about the phycology of self defense


wrote …

I dare you to disagree with this. And be sure to give examples of how you proved it wrong in real life. Blauer's training is so simple and basic, no wonder why crossfitters eat his stuff right up.


wrote …

Basic and simple os what tends to work in real life situations.


wrote …

Kobe doesn't flinch.


wrote …

JKD to the next level.


replied to comment from DANNY LAU

Yep I think a lot of these modern systems are influenced by JKD principles and elaborate on them.


wrote …

I like the comment about Pride and Ego( which can lead to embarrassment).A quick delay in your attackers movement may be all the time you have to gain an advantage. Tony is a surgeon with this stuff,,,and great pen catch as well!

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