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CrossFit Radio, Episode 110 by Justin Judkins - CrossFit Journal

CrossFit Radio, Episode 110

By Justin Judkins

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In Episode 110, CrossFit Radio host Justin Judkins interviewed Ryan Hudson, owner of Central Oregon CrossFit, as well as several Utah/Nevada Sectional competitors on location at the event.

Justin began the show with a quick rundown of the sectionals that have already wrapped up and the competitions that will take place this weekend.

3:09 Ryan Hudson, owner of Central Oregon CrossFit, came on the show to talk about working with a local high-school basketball team. He described selling his idea to the basketball coach and talking him into buying enough equipment to set up a CrossFit box at the school. Ryan detailed the programming he used and the resulting improvements in the team. He documented these gains for the coach, and the improved performances had an impact on other sports teams and the PE teachers at the high school. The success with the basketball team has now spilled over to create success for Hudson’s affiliate.

31:15 Justin interviewed several athletes on location throughout the Utah/Nevada Sectional, giving listeners a chance to be a part of the action before and after each WOD. Due to the challenges of recording live at a loud CrossFit event, the audio is not up to in-studio standards.

58min 55sec

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wrote …

after weeks of listening to two and three episodes on my commutes I have finally caught up with you. Phew, what a ride! I want to thank you for all the time you put in, and the great interviews you score every week. Those nuggets are coming out for sure. I'm a garage gym enthusiast who has no one to share his CrossFit fun with (believe me, I try). But with no "box" for hours around, you bring a little of the CrossFit community spirit to me. Thanks for keeping me motivate and feeling like there are others suffering with me.

Cheers & say hello to pukie for me too!
(Surry NH)

PS, so glad you finally got that volume thing under control! I feared for my speakers a few times.

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