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Denmark: Land of CrossFit by Blair Morrison - CrossFit Journal

Denmark: Land of CrossFit

By Blair Morrison

In Affiliation, CrossFit

March 22, 2010

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In Part 4 of his CrossFit Europe series, Blair Morrison visits four boxes in Denmark and reports that CrossFit culture is thriving in the land between the Baltic and North seas.

If there is a CrossFit capital in Europe, it’s Copenhagen. And if there’s one place that I would want to train, it’s here.

In 72 hours, I visited four gyms, did five WODs, and left the city with a true appreciation for its people, its culture and its fascination with fitness. They’re nuts for it! The members were strong, motivated, and welcoming everywhere I went, and the facilities were top-notch. I really feel that this place has the opportunity to become CrossFit’s central hub for training, learning and growth, not just for Scandinavia, but for all of Europe.

Obviously, people here are drinking the Kool-Aid.

My weekend in Copenhagen saw me visit a few of these boxes, meet many of the people revolutionizing this city’s fitness standards and get a physical beating the likes of which I can’t remember. Drawing on daily notes and blog posts, this article details those visits and the cumulative impression they left on me.

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10 Comments on “Denmark: Land of CrossFit”


Zach Even - Esh wrote …


Good shit!

Damn dude, names like Butcher Lab and gyms in old churches sounds nasty!

Gotta love that!

I remember a wrestling club in the attic of a church, man it was bad ass.

And, I once trained in the basement of an old school amphitheatre in Israel!

It was sick!

Now I feel like I need to find something nastier than a warehouse!



wrote …


Thanks for putting Denmark on the CrossFit map.

Looking forward to seeing you in Denmark soon!

Sarah, Denmark


Josh Courage wrote …

S always great article Blair. Have had the pleasure of working out with Blair a ton back in DC and still continue to do so with our Trans-Continental workouts; all I can say is this guy is a true animal.

Blair, I have the utmost respect not only for your personal pursuit, but for your passion to share your experiences with everyone. I am an avid promoter of the fitness community and to see you spreading the word of fitness literally around the world gets me so pumped up. Keep up the great work in Paris, then in England, and I'll be seeing you plenty in the wonderful West coast of good ol' USA next fall man!

All the best,

Josh Courage


wrote …

A comment about the boxes not communicating enough right now: This is getting much better!

A lot of crossfitters from other Danish boxes joined Crossfit Copenhagens Danish Crossfit Challenge (DCO 2010) in February (Blair also joined - came first - but was almost beaten by a Danish guy (see more at Blair's website)).

Regular training passes for elite crossfitters have been established, bringing together the best of the best from the Copenhagen area. The third elite session in the series will take place in the beginning of April.

Tore, Crossfit Copenhagen


wrote …

Blair, I really enjoy there articles! Thanks!


replied to comment from Lance Hagler

"these articles!"


wrote …

I was on a level 1 Cert recently and I do agree the scandinavians are eating crossfit up and I heard about CF Copenhagen's numbers. I think Scandinavia per sq km they probably could have the highest frequency of top crossfitters over the next few years. It would be interesting if the top performing people in the CF games qualifiers progressed based on performance instead of quotas for regions. Would be interesting to see the international spread of the top 60 in the world then!! I'm sure the vikings would be right up there!!!


wrote …

Awesome article gotta love the Danes!


wrote …

What is a "prison push up"?


wrote …

I'm quite sure it is a push-up with somebody else lying on his/her back, on your back.

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