Giving up on Globo Gym

By Orion Tulchin

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March 19, 2010

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CrossFit Lakewood owner Orion Tulchin is another Globo Gym refugee who at one point worked his way up to area fitness manager of a big-box chain. That path hit a dead end when he took a Level 1 Cert in January 2009, and now he’s running a brand new box in Denver, Colo.

In this profile courtesy of Paula and Jordan Gravatt, Tulchin explains how he got hooked on CrossFit, how he’s increasing his membership at his fledgling affiliate and what he would have done differently. Joking, Tulchin says he might have stolen more clients from Globo Gym, but given his passion for training, they’ll find their way to CrossFit Lakewood soon enough.

7min 06sec

Additional reading: Getting Open: CrossFit Fenway Part 1 by Steve Rash, published Jan. 13, 2010.



6 Comments on “Giving up on Globo Gym”


wrote …

Great inspiration to those of us wanting to get our own affiliates going!


wrote …

Good job! Very inspirational.

I have a story of my own and I would love to tell it some day on a journal video.


wrote …

Best of luck to him and his gym; it is great to see him break away from the big-box and start a functional gym.


wrote …

Great going fella. Give em hell. Great attitude and i'm sure that will reap it's rewards as you grow.


Nathanael Bacott wrote …

Truly inspirational man! I hope for nothing but the best for you! I'm hoping to get my box started up next summer after I graduate.


wrote …

Another great inspirational video

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