A CrossFit Keg Party

By Rob Orlando

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March 06, 2010

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Interestingly, drinking the beer inside the keg might make you better at lifting it with a continental clean.

Speaking to a group of athletes assembled for the Jan. 16 Hybrid Winter Challenge at Hybrid Athletics, Rob Orlando explains that a big belly can be beneficial when performing a continental clean. Unlike the regular clean that’s one swift movement off the floor, the continental clean is best done as a deadlift and then a hang clean to the belly. Once the bar is resting on the belly, the athlete can adjust his or her grip before a quick movement brings the elbows underneath.

With a keg, you want to deadlift it to your lap and get it tight to your chest before adjusting your grip. From there, you need to pop your hips aggressively to get the keg above your shoulders, essentially using hip extension to roll it up the stomach and onto the shoulders.

4min 35sec

Additional video: Lifting With a Fat Bar by Kurtis Bowler, published Oct. 26, 2009



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wrote …

I am gonna have to find how what my continental c+j is

Question for Rob- Is there a difference in using an olympic bar for this type of clean, will the spin make it much different?


wrote …

Keg stand for time....3, 2, 1, Go!

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