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Universal Scalability and the Push Press by Jon Bik - CrossFit Journal

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March 04, 2010

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Jon Bik considers himself lucky that he only lost his leg after a 40-foot fall off a power pole. Landing on his feet might have saved his life, and with the use of a prosthetic limb, Jon remains active and fit.

While training at CrossFit East Sacramento, Jon talks about his injury and the rehab he had to go through, then he works on the push press.

Jon’s a strong guy who uses a lot of upper-body strength in the push press, and Justin Riley encourages him to use hip drive to make the lower body do as much of the work as possible. Jon may be working with a prosthetic on his right side, but after a few reps he gets the movement down pat and explains that he can rely on his left leg to generate most of the speed.

10min 44sec

Additional video: Everyone Can Drive From the Hip, published June 1, 2009.

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12 Comments on “Universal Scalability and the Push Press”


wrote …

Keep it up guys, goood coaching!


wrote …

Love to see CFES represented in the journal. Great Video.


wrote …

Ohh man I starting gringing when he was describing what happened when he fell down 40ft from the pole. Yikes! Great to have you in the CF community!


wrote …

great job john, folks like you are the real crossfit stars.


wrote …

All you guy's Rock, nice work ,great coaching too!


wrote …

Nice job Jon! Its been great working out with you! Brian and Cherie Nabeta


wrote …

Awesome. Keep up the hard work!


wrote …

Great work, Jon. Way to represent CF East Sac, you rock!


wrote …

Jon, What a great attitude. Excellent lifts, too.


wrote …

It is inspirational to see Jon overcome his injuries in this way. As a trainer of pole climbing and at heaight safety I must comment on the fact that if Jon had been using a simple and low cost fall arresting pole strap he could have avoided all of these injuries in the first place. Being procative and working safely no matter what your job should be a much higher priority than it currently is. To answer Jon's question about the fall a 185# man will take 1.6 seconds to fall 40', reaching a speed of 25'/second or roughly 35 MPH.


wrote …

Thanks everyone. I am really excited about my fitness future. Say hi if you see me around. Ken there are some new policies now so hopefully there won't be any repeats of my story. Thanks for the stats (I'm luckier than I thought), it seemed slower at the time. See you soon Brian and Cherie your progress is inspiring to me. I can't wait for your story.


Joe Stephens wrote …

great work Jon, your going to help more people than you will every know. keep up the great work...

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